Fresh to Go

Fresh to Go (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic, forward-thinking fresh fruit and vegetable company, founded in 1993. Although they source our products primarily from across the African continent, their strength lies in their extensive growing base in Sub-Saharan Africa. Fresh to Go represents various growers spread across South, Central, East and North Africa. They are proud of their dedicated growers, spread across various places around the world, who are committed to supplying a constant stream of special products. A fantastic team in Johannesburg and Harare ensures that the products meet strict safety requirements, both during production and packaging.


What makes Fresh to Go different is that all growers are not only GlobalGAP certified, but also have impressive accreditations such as HACCP, Farming for the Future and BRC. This guarantees that they always meet the highest standards, so that you can enjoy the products with peace of mind.

Fresh to Go is not only committed to great products, but also to sustainability and environmental friendliness in agriculture. They support various social programs to strengthen the communities in which they operate. Together they work on a tasty future, with an eye for the world around us.


Mini vegetables

Mini vegetables owe their small size to specially selected varieties, as well as a specific growing method (dense plantations) and early harvest when the vegetables are at their softest. In recent years, mini vegetables have become increasingly popular. This is mainly due to their more intense taste and decorative appearance.

  • Mini prei
  • Mini Eggplant
  • Mini patty pan groen en geel
  • Mini-Zucchini
  • Mini courgette
  • Mini bietjes 500x500
  • Bimi®
Bird eye pepper


Bird Eye pepper

This pepper may not be the largest of its kind, but it is certainly not the mildest. Other names for this pepper are Piri Piri, Rawit or Thai Chili. It is available in the colours red and green. In the Asian cuisine is it often used as a seasoning in countless dishes.



Habanero Pepper

This spicy pepper is one of the hotter peppers. Habanero peppers can be red, yellow and orange coloured. They look a bit like a mini capsicums in shape, but it’s better not to mix these two up ?

Habanero Red


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