Picosita 2.0


Picosita 2.0 is your ultimate hangover cure and the perfect way to kickstart those first days of 2024! This savory cocktail from Guatemala is here to rescue you from your New Years festivities and promises to banish those post-celebration blues. This Picosita 2.0 has a twist: we have added crispy sugar snaps for an extra bite and vitamins! Cheers!

Bergamot iced tea

Bergamot iced tea


Refreshing iced tea with a herbal note! This simple, yet flavorful iced tea balances the citrusy notes of bergamot with the earthy flavor of rosemary and the subtle sweetness of honey. The addition of cinnamon gives a warm twist to this thirst-quenching creation. Easy to prepare and perfect for any occasion.




Limoncello, loved for its fresh lemon flavor! This Italian liqueur is traditionally made with lemons, but we make it a little bit different. As the main ingredient we use Buddha hands, a special looking fruit with a delicious sweet and lemony taste. An ice-cold treat!

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