Asperge wit


White asparagus

This vegetable received the nickname “The white gold” and there is a reason for it. Asparagus are young sprouts of the asparagus plant and have a slightly glossy, white colour. The white asparagus have a white colour because the grow process is completely held in the dark. Because the lack of sunlight, the plant has no possibility to develop a green colour and that is how the white asparagus arises.

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The asparagus is known for over 5000 years as a vegetable. According to sources, the asparagus is originally from ancient Mesopotamia, currently the area around Iraq and Iran. Evidence has also emerged that the vegetable was familiar with the vegetable during the Egyptian era. Old hieroglyphs in the pyramid of Sakkara show an asparagus offer to the Pharaoh. Asparagus found its way into Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.


Asperge wit

How to store

You can store the asparagus 2-3 days into the fridge. Wrap the asparagus into a humid towel to keep them fresh.

How to eat

Cut about 1,5 centimetre of the asparagus bottom en put them in cold water for 30 minutes. Hold the asparagus at the top and peel them from head to toe by using a vegetable peeler. White asparagus have to be cooked shortly while preparing them. After being cooked the asparagus could be grilled using a barbeque, grill pan or oven. A wellknown combination is with ham and egg, but have you ever tried white asparagus in a pasta or risotto? It’s delicious!



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