4 persons
100 minutes

500 g black corn (morado)
1 pineapple peel
3 green apples (cut in quarters)
1 tbsp. cloves
5 cinnamon sticks
200 g sugar
4 limequats

Chicha Morada, a spicy fruitdrink from Peru!

Add 2 liters of water to a large cooking pan, add the Morado corn and bring to a boil.

Reduce to a simmer. Add the peel of the pineapple, 2 apples cut in quarters, cloves and cinnamon sticks. Cover and cook for 45 minutes over medium heat.

Strain and discard the solids. Add more water to taste and boil again for 45 minutes. Dissolve the sugar. Allow to cool

Serve with ice, add limequat juice to taste, decorate with diced apple and a slice of limequat.

Chicha Morada liggend


Morado corn

Morado corn is a beautiful deep purple, almost black corn cob from Peru. The corn cob is incredibly popular, especially at the coastal areas. Morado corn is the most important ingredient for the traditional Chicha Morada drink. You can buy the refreshing and at the same time spicy drink from one of the many street vendors and there is no restaurant in Peru where the drink cannot be found on the menu.


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