10 persons

20 minutes

10 black, Peruvian figs

250g goat cheese

150g pistachenoten (gepeld en fijngehakt)

200g pure chocolade


Chocolate figs

Cut the figs in half and scoop out the flesh. Mix the goat cheese with the flesh and roll into balls. Then roll the goat cheese trough the pistachio crumbs.

Melt the chocolate au bain-marie or melt in the microwave. Carefully dip the hollowed out figs into the chocolate. Sprinkle with some sea salt.

Press the goat cheese into the chocolate figs and set aside in the refrigerator until the chocolate has hardened.



Figs are a real delicacy! They combine wonderfully with savory products such as cheese or raw ham. Figs are so-called false fruits: formed from the base of the flower and the flower. The seeds, the skin and the pulp are edible.


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