4 persons
15 minutes

1 big red onion )cut in thin slices)
2 tree ripened mangoes (peeled and cubed)
juice of 4 limequats
1 aji limo-chili (chopped without the seeds)
2 sprigs of coriander (finely chopped)
4 limequats

Mango ceviche, sweet-spicy with a hint of citrus!

Put the onion rings in ice water for 10 minutes while you prepare the other ingredients. Put the mango cubes in a bowl and add half of the limequat juice and some salt. Add the chopped aji limo chili. Let the onion rings drain and add them together with the coriander leaves. Serve the ceviche in a nice glass or a small bowl.


Aji Limo

The Aji Limo pepper is quite a spicy pepper with a hint of citrus that is very popular in Peru where its known as the “Kellu Uchu”. The Aji Limo can be red, orange, green and yellow and gives a lot of colour, flavour and spice to a dish.


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