15 persons
30 minutes

1 wasabi root

5 finger limes

1 myoga (cut into thin strips)

2 myoga (leaves detached)

350 g sushi rice

1 tray of Daikon Cress®

10 Shiso leaves

20 g sesame seeds (roasted)

Myoga sushi

Prepare the sushi rice according to instructions on the package. With wet hands, shape as many small, oblong cubes of the sushi rice as possible and set aside. Squeeze the finger limes into a small plate.

Place the roasted sesame seeds on a small plate. Dip the bottom of one half of the sushi in the citrus caviar and the other half in the sesame seeds. Put the sesame sushi on a Shiso Leaf, place a myoga leaf over it and decorate with the citrus caviar.

Place the rest of the sushi separately on a plate and place some strips of myoga on top. Decorate with the Daikon Cress®.

At the last moment, grate the wasabi with a special wasabi grater and place some wasabi on each sushi.



Myoga is also called Japanese ginger. It’s ginger’s little sister and it’s praised for it’s beautiful, delicate flower buds. These young flower buds grow directly from the ground and when you let them grow, flowers will appear. The taste of myoga is like ginger, but mild and has the bite of a shallot.


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