2 persons

10 minutes

1 Readylicious® mango

150g yoghurt

1 banaan

Coconut chips

Chia seeds

Readylicious® mango smoothie bowl

Peel the Readylicious® mango and remove the stone. Cut a quarter of the mango into small cubes. Cut the banana into slices.

Mix the rest of the mango with the yogurt into a smoothie.

Pour into a bowl and decorate with the banana, coconut chips, mango cubes and chia seeds.


Readylicious® mango

Mmm… Rea-dy-Li-cious! Fruit and vegetable products of Readylicious® are ready to eat. You find them in the fruit and vegetable section, ready to eat, so you can enjoy them today. They have been cultivated, transported and cuddled according to the Ripe & Ready concept.

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