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Sorrento tomatoes


Sorrento tomatoes, also known as "pomodori di Sorrento," are a special type of tomato originating from the region around the city of Sorrento, located in the province of Naples in Italy. These tomatoes are famous for their unique taste, texture, and versatility in the kitchen. Sorrento tomatoes are usually large and have a characteristic, slightly ribbed shape. The flavor of Sorrento tomatoes is intensely sweet with a hint of acidity, making them particularly suitable for both raw and cooked dishes. Their flesh is firm and juicy, with few seeds.

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  • pomodoro-piennolo

Pomodoro del Piennolo


Pomodoro del Piennolo are tomatoes with character and are grown according to traditional methods in the Campania region! The climate and rich lava soil of the Vesuvius volcano provide the perfect growing conditions for these sun worshipers and give them a unique flavor profile. Taste the authentic flavour of Italy!

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  • SudNSol Basilicumpesto

Sud’n’Sol Basil pesto


Basil pesto is a tasty sauce made from fresh basil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and garlic. These ingredients are blended with rich oils and aromatic herbs for pure and authentic flavors.

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  • Sud N Sol tomaatjes

Half dried & marinated Sud’n’Sol tomatoes


After a while in the sun, these tomatoes went into a delicious marinade bath full of fresh Mediterranean herbs. They contain no artificial additives and can be used in salads, tomato sauce or pasta, or make delicious tapenade.

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  • JOYN® tomatoes

JOYN® tomato


The JOYN tomatoes® were marketed after spending a lot of time on research, experimenting, tasting en testing. It is a tomato bursting of flavour, a firm structure and a good balance between a sweet and sour. As soon as you have a JOYN® tomato in your hands, you can smell and taste it: this vine tomato brings out the best in all your recipes.

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  • Honey tomatoes®

Honey tomatoes®


You spontaneously will start salivating when you see the honey tomatoes® for the first time: A bunch of dark red, sweet tomatoes fresh from the grower. Honey tomatoes® are a unique, delicious delicacy with an exceptional sweet taste.

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