2 persons
15 minutes

5 grams wakame

200 grams of tofu

4 dl dashi water

3 tablespoons miso

2 finely chopped spring onions

0.5 gram wakame powder coarse

Shichimi togarashi seasoning for taste

Wakamé miso soup ‘Japanese style’

Pour the dashi water into a large pan and add the wakame. Then bring to a boil. The wakame will increase in volume so it is very important to choose a large pan.

In a bowl, mix the miso paste with some of the soup until it is completely dissolved.

Reduce the heat so that the soup stops boiling. Add the dissolved miso paste and wakame powder to the soup.

Then add the cubes of tofu to the soup and add the Shichimi togarashi herbs to taste.

Divide the soup into serving bowls and finish with the chopped spring onions.



Wakamé is also known as sea fern and has an olive green to brown color, with a rubbery, long and smooth single leaves with wavy edges. The sea vegetable can grow up to two meters high. Wakamé is often processed into a delicious Japanese seaweed salad.

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