Vick family farms: feeding the planet

In 1975 Jerome and Diane Vick left their full-time jobs to start work on the 25-hectare farm where Jerome’s grandfather Olaud Vick had raised his family of six. With endless determination and a strong work ethic, they became successful farmers whose farmland has grown to over 7,000 acres. Jerome and Diane have made a place for their children Charlotte Vick and Linwood Vick to become partners and even the forth generation is now joining the farm. Today Vick Family Farms is well known as a leading player in the sweet potato industry. For a year Hannah Jones (3rd generation of the Vick family) has been working on a video which showcases their beautiful family farm.

“When my mom asked me to head this project a year ago, I was very nervous as to how it would turn out and wasn’t sure if I wanted to be in charge of such a big project.” says Hannah, “I am amazed at this and so thankful to be a part of such a great family and business, but even more thankful to raise my children here! Feeding the world really is a big job, and I’m so honored to have a hand in it!”

We think you did a great job Hannah! Have a look at this beautiful showcase of our dear sweet potato partner Vick Family Farms.

Sweet potatoes


Sweet potatoes

Although the name might suggest otherwise, this delicious, sweet tuber is not a “real” potato. Sweet potatoes come in many colors and varieties. There are, for example, purple, white, orange and red sweet potatoes. It is a popular and important crop worldwide and extremely versatile.



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