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Green coconuts


The green young coconut is different from the mature, brown coconut because of its soft, green skin and a not yet fully developed core. It has a thinner, softer layer of flesh and lots of delicious, refreshing coconut water. Coconut water is packed with electrolytes, making it the perfect natural sports drink for hydration.

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Santa Coco Coconuts


Meet our revolutionary new coconuts with 'Easy to Open' system. In a cheerful wrap for a longer shelf life and accompanied by an environmentally friendly, bioplastic straw. Just imagine... Opening a delicious coconut effortlessly, with no mess or hassle, anytime, anywhere. With the 'Easy to Open' system, sharp knives and heavy hammers are a thing of the past. All you have to do to get to the refreshing coconut water and creamy pulp is turn the coconut and press it. Sip and enjoy!

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Young coconuts


A young coconut is a coconut of which the outside is still green and not yet hairy and dark brown. These green, young coconuts are from Thailand and after picking, they are stripped of their green bark by cutting them down in the shape of a house. That saves you a lot of work! The juice of the young coconut is wonderfully refreshing and the soft flesh also tastes fantastic.

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Coconut reminds us of vacations, tropical beaches and summer cocktails. Despite the name “coconut” is it actually not a nut, but a stone-fruit. When it's picked, it's still in a green husk. When you remove the husk, the hairy woody 'nut' appears, which contains delicious coconut meat and coconut water.

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