• Hayani dadels

Dates Hayani


Hayani dates are frozen immediately after they have been harvested. The date is firmer and less sweet than Medjoul dates.

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  • Dadels Deglet Nour

Dates Deglet Nour


Deglet Nour dates are the most common dates in Western Europe. Deglet Nour means "Date of light". When you hold the amber dates up to the light, they are slightly translucent.

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  • Medjoul Dates

Medjoul date


Medjoul dates are the fruits of the date palm that are dried after harvesting. A Medjoul date is the king of dates and a delicious treat. They are bigger, softer and more flavorful than most dates.

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  • Barhi dates

Barhi date


The Barhi date is named after the hot Arabian wind, which is called “barh”. The Barhi is not dried and has a sweet, juicy taste, which is fresher than a dried date.

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