• Mini parsnip

Mini parsnip


The taste of the mini parsnip is a true delicacy. Intense, aromatic and sweet. This firm white root is nice and crunchy and can be prepared in countless ways.

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  • Chantenay carrot

Chantenay carrots


The Chantenay carrot has a delicious full flavour and a good bite. They can be recognized by the triangular shape, soft skin and bright colours.

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  • Wasabi



This sharp and spicy root is popular in countries such as Germany and Great-Britain, but is now gaining popularity in other countries. It is often confused with horse radish because they got a comparable feeling of mustard-like heat. Unlike chillies, the heat from wasabi and horseradish does not linger for very long.

  • Parsnips



Parsnip is a delicious, firm carrot. The taste of parsnip is a true delicacy. Intense, aromatic and sweet. Parsnip has a flavour which resembles a combination of fennel and carrot.

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