• Elephant garlic

Elephant garlic


As the name suggests, elephant garlic is an oversized garlic variety. The taste is slightly less sharp than the original. Funny detail: elephant garlic is more related to leek than garlic.

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  • Knoflookstrengen

Garlic Strand


Garlic is braided immediately after harvest, when the green foliage is still fresh. After this, the garlic strands are dried and will be ready for sale. Garlic strands consist of bulbs with up to 20 cloves. Garlic provides a lot of taste and is an important ingredient in the Asian and Mediterranean cuisine.

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  • Fresh garlic

Fresh garlic


In addition to the dried varieties that are sometimes over 2 years old before they end up on your cutting board, there's also a fresh variety. The taste is a bit milder than the dried variety, which is great when used raw.

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  • Black garlic

Black garlic


With its unique and smooth taste, creamy texture and vibrant colours is black garlic inspiring and brings a new flavour to the table. This black seasoning brings subtle hints of soy, balsamic and raisins mixed with the spicy taste of garlic, a real delicacy !

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  • l'Autrec

l’Autrec garlic


L’Autrec garlic is know as the best garlic in the world. This light pink coloured, aromatic and rather sweet garlic grows around the medieval village of l’Autrec on calcareous clay soils in south western France.

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  • Smoked garlic

Smoked garlic


Smoked garlic was originally created to store garlic for a longer shelf life, but nowadays garlic is mainly smoked for its delicious, characteristic smoky smell and taste.

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  • Peeled garlic

Peeled garlic


Peeled garlic cloves can save you a lot of time! Especially when you need large numbers, which is often the case in the catering industry .

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