• Tahu

Smoked tahu


Tahu is known as a meat substitute. It has a high protein content and the fat content is very low. Smoked tahu contains less moisture than normal tahu and of course it has a delicious smoky flavour. Because of this smoky taste, it is often used as a vegetarian substitute for bacon, smoked sausage or smoked chicken. Tahu is made from soy milk.

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  • Tahu



Tofu is known as a meat substitute. It has a high protein content and also the fat content is very low. The color of tofu is white and the taste can be described as neutral. This is exactly why it is so popular as a meat substitute: tofu absorbs flavor easily. Tofu is made from soy milk.

  • Barhi dates

Barhi date


The Barhi date is named after the hot Arabian wind, which is called “barh”. The Barhi is not dried and has a sweet, juicy taste, which is fresher than a dried date.

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The tamarind is a long, brown pod with a sweet and sour taste. The skin has to be peeled before you can eat the sticky, tasty pulp.

  • Banana leaves

Banana leaves


Banana leave is a very useful and decorative product. You are not supposed to eat it but the purpose is to cook with it.

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  • Monk's beard

Monk’s beard


Monk’s beard is also called Barba di Frata , the Italian translation of monk’s beard. Monk’s beard has a delicious, salty taste and grows in salty marshes along the Mediterranean Sea.

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