Nuts and seeds

  • Chia seeds

Chia seeds


This small mini seed has become very popular as superfood in recent years. Chia seeds have a fairly neutral taste with a delicious bite. Moreover, the seeds can really spice up a boring smoothie or breakfast.

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  • Walnuts



Walnuts are the fruits of the walnut tree, The fruit is surrounded by a hard bivalve shell. The taste of walnuts can be described as soft and slightly sweet. Note that you need a nutcracker to break the hard shell of the nut.

  • Fresh walnuts

Fresh walnuts


Walnuts are the fruits of the walnut tree. The fruit is surrounded by a hard bivalve shell. Fresh walnut still has a wet shell. Fresh walnuts are therefore also called “wet nuts”. The taste is a bit milder than the dried version.

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  • Pinda



Peanuts are delicious legumes that taste soft, sweet and slightly earthy. Botanically, the peanut is not a nut but a legume. The peanuts are roasted after harvesting, after which they can be peeled and eaten.

  • Pine nuts

Pine nuts


Pine nuts are the seeds of a pine. They come from four different types of pine trees, The seeds are in a kind of pine cone on the pine tree, so they are not visible from the outside. It is an essential product for the pesto & capriccios.

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  • Pepita seeds

Pepita seeds


Pepita seeds are the green seeds of a pumpkin and are therefore also called pumpkin seeds. Pepita seeds have a beautiful dark green colour and the taste is nutty and crispy.

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  • Chestnuts



If Autumn had a best friend, it would be chestnut. Roasted chestnuts are the perfect comfort food for autumn days. The sweet chestnut is a nut that grows on the sweet chestnut tree and looks a bit like large hazelnuts.

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