Tropical tartelettes


A work of art to die for! These tropical tartelettes are full of surprising and rich flavours due to the combination coconut, mint and lime. Fresh and fruity!

DIY Chocolade

DIY Chocolate


Chocolate like you've never tasted before! With this recipe you can make this delicious chocolate from fresh cacao in a few simple steps.

Kissabel cups

Kissabel® cups


Velvety soft foam, made with full-fat yoghurt, icing sugar and whipped cream; combined with crispy Kissabel® apple, a delicious Kissabel® saffron jam and oat crunch.

Exotic cheesecake with kaki


This colorful cheesecake with kaki immediately grabs your attention! The surprising taste combination of kaki, coconut and mascarpone makes it a real culinary feast. Fresh and fruity, just irresistibly delicious!

Pavlova figs


Pavlova with figs is a nice combination of sweet and savory. It is a feast for the eye and a treat for the taste buds.

Ponthier fruit cake

Ponthier fruitmousse cake


This velvety and fruity cake is made by Judith. Sophia Loren once said: 'Good food is a celebration of life'. Judith completely agrees. Celebrate life with this delicious Ponthier fruit mousse cake!

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