Edamame yuzu boontjes

Edamame and yuzu-soy


Taste the authentic taste of Japan with these edamame beans and yuzu-soy! This simple dish is fresh and crunchy, with a citrusy twist thanks to the yuzu. A delicious exotic side dish or snack!

BBQ pompoen

BBQ pumpkin


This pumpkin is filled with a savory mixture of blue cheese, thyme and spinach and grilled on the barbecue, a fantastic flavor combination of sweet and savory!


Creamy Saffron risotto


Creamy saffron risotto with shiitake, black garlic and grated Parmesan cheese. A fantastic dish, beautiful in color with a rich taste and a heavenly smell!


Pumpkin lasagne with Mexican twist and tomatillo avocado salsa


The 29th of July it's World Lasagne Day! Celebrate this delicious occasion with a tasty twist - our mouthwatering Pumpkin Lasagne with a Mexican kick and Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa! Say goodbye to the traditional lasagne! Our recipe combines savory pumpkin, creamy cheese, and spicy tomatillo-avocado salsa.

Chayote Tostada

Chayote tostada’s with mangosalsa


With this cheerful, tropical dish you immediately turn your table into a culinary party. Chayote combined with pulled chicken and a delicious fresh-sweet mango salsa on top, maked this tostade your new favorite. Delicious!

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