• Poblano

Poblano pepper


This chilli originates from Mexico and has a delicious subtly spicy taste, making it good to use in all kinds of dishes. The appearance of the Poblano pepper is somewhat like a mini bell pepper, but then spicy. The Poblano pepper owes its name to the area where they originally come from, Puebla Mexico. In Mexican cuisine, this is an important ingredient for the traditional mole sauce.

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  • Naga jolokia los

Naga Jolokia


The Naga Jolokia, also known as the Ghost pepper or Bhut Jolokia, ranks as one of the hottest peppers in the world on the Scoville scale. The pepper is believed to come from Nagaland, a state of India, and is named after a venomous snake from the region.

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  • Peperoncino

Pepperoncino pepper


Pepperoncino is simply the Italian translation of the word chili pepper. The Italian peppers are quite hot and score 15.000 to 30.000 on the Scoville scale. The annual Pepperoncino festival is held every year in the Calbric town of Diamante! Ten thousand people come in the town and there is a food competition where the person wins, who have eaten the most pepperoncino.

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  • Serenade

Serenade chili peppers


Serenade chili peppers are tasty, slightly sweet peppers with a strong skin. It doesn't score very high on the Scoville scale, so it's a true friend to everyone.

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  • Rocoto



The Rocoto may look friendly but it's a spicy chili. It may look like a cute, little red apple, but make no mistake! The Rocoto can be surprisingly spicy!

  • Serrano

Serrano chilli


Serrano peppers can be red, brown or yellow. But the most common variety is green. Serrano peppers are similar to Jalapeno peppers. The chillies are crunchy and have a sharp taste. They are significantly hotter than Jalapeño.

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  • Pimentos de Padron

Pimientos de Padron


The Pimientos de Padron peppers are very mild in taste. The mild flavour makes these green peppers a delicious snack. They are often served as a tapa. The peppers come from the town of Padron in Spain.

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  • Jalapeño groen



The Jalapeño pepper is a slightly spicy pepper, which is very popular in the Mexican cuisine. The Jalapeño is a firm and shiny chili pepper. The most common Jalapeños are green or red, but there are also yellow, orange, purple and black varieties.

  • Carolina reaper

Carolina Reaper®


This extremely spicy pepper has been awarded as one of the hottest pepper in the world! It is easy to recognize by its deep red colour and wrinkled skin. But beware, because it scores up to 2.000.000 on the Scoville scale, so no jokes...

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  • Bird eye pepper

Bird eye pepper


This pepper may not be the largest of its kind, but it is certainly not the mildest. Other names for this pepper are Piri Piri, Rawit or Thai Chili. It is available in the colours red and green. In the Asian cuisine is it often used as a seasoning in countless dishes.

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  • Aji limo

Aji Limo


The Aji Limo pepper is quite a spicy pepper with a hint of citrus that is very popular in Peru where its known as the “Kellu Uchu”. The Aji Limo can be red, orange, green and yellow and gives a lot of colour, flavour and spice to a dish.

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Aji Amarillo pepper


The Aji Amarillo is an orange, fruity and aromatic chili pepper from Peru, which is similar in taste to paprika or a madame jaenette, but a lot less spicy. The Peruvian aji (chili peppers) along with onion and garlic are an integral part of the “holy-trinity” of the Peruvian cuisine.

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  • Habanero Red

Habanero pepper


This spicy pepper is one of the hotter peppers. Habanero peppers can be red, yellow and orange coloured. They look a bit like a mini capsicums in shape, but it's better not to mix these two up ?

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