• Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots


Bamboo shoots are an indispensable ingredient in many Asian countries. The bamboo shoots are always harvested in an early stage, otherwise it is not suitable for human consumption anymore. Pandas will be happy with full grown bamboo, but humans will not ….

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  • Kaffir lime leaves

Kaffir Lime Leaves


Kaffir Lime Leaves are the leaves of the... How surprising... Kaffir lime! These shiny, dark green leaves grow together in leaf pairs, with a larger and smaller leaf. The leaves are often very finely chopped and used in dishes or stewed and removed before eating.

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  • Papayablad 500px

Papaya leaves


Besides the fruit, the leaves of the papaya tree are also edible. The taste is quite bitter and can be processed as a vegetable. In Mexico, meat is often baked in papaya leaves to make the meat more tender. The leaves are also widely used as medicine, for example by processing them in tea.

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  • Mangoblad

Mango leaves


Few people know that in addition to the mango itself, the leaves of the mango tree are also edible. Rumor has that mango leaves can have positive effects on our health. The leaf is glossy and has an elongated acuminate shape. When the leaves are young, they have a red-purple color that changes to a beautiful, deep green color as they ripen. The young green leaves are very juicy and can be eaten raw or cooked, but you can also make delicious herbal tea from them.

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  • Moringablad 500px

Moringa leaves


These beautiful leaves are the leaves of the moringa tree, which is often affectionately called the wonder tree. Moringa is becoming increasingly popular as a superfood. The plant is very nutritious and provides a caffeine-free energy kick. A cup of 'miracle tea' in the afternoon and say goodbye to your energy crash!

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  • Wasabi leaves

Wasabi leaves


Wasabi leaf is a large, heart-shaped leaf with a mild spicy wasabi flavour. Thinly sliced wasabi leaf, marinated with ponzu sauce makes creates a rich, bold, citrus salad. Wasabi leaf is popular in Japan and is often baked in tempura batter or stir-fried.

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  • wasabi stems

Wasabi stems


Wasabi stems are the long, thin stems that sit between the wasabi rhizome and the leaves. They have a nice, mild-sharp wasabi taste. They have a crunchy bite.

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  • cactus leaves

Cactus leaves


To eat cactus Leaf, the spines must first be removed. This can be done by going over the skin of the blade with a knife. Cactus Leaf can be prepared in different ways, it's great for the BBQ or for cooking. The cactus leaf cannot be consumed raw.

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  • Banana leaves

Banana leaves


Banana leave is a very useful and decorative product. You are not supposed to eat it but the purpose is to cook with it.

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  • Sugar cane

Sugar cane


Sugar cane is a very special type of grass, which received his name due to the stems, which tastes as sugar. Dutch explorers were therefore surprised when they came in contact with this cane and called it honey without the need of bees. It looks like bamboo.

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  • Lemon grass

Lemon Grass


Lemon grass is an indispensable vegetable in the Asian cuisine. Lemon grass is a white, yellow stem which has a fresh sour, lemony flavour.

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