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Dried mulberries


Dried mulberries are full of flavor which can be compared to raisins with a hint of honey. Because they are dried, they have a crunchy bite with a soft core.

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  • Zoethout

Liquorice root


Liquorice has a strong sweet taste with hints of anise and fennel. Because of its strong sweet taste, it is widely used as a natural sugar substitute in various dishes, but you can also make delicious tea or gluhwein with it.

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  • Meyer citroen

Meyer lemon


A Meyer lemon is a cross between a lemon and a pomelo / mandarin hybrid. In appearance it resembles a regular lemon, but slightly rounder and the color is slightly more orange when ripe. A meyer lemon is sweeter and less acidic than a regular lemon.

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  • Grapefruit



Grapefruit is a cross between a grapefruit and an pomelo. For those who appreciate a bit of bitterness, the grapefruit is a delicious piece of fruit. The citrus fruit has a yellow to orange-coloured skin with a pink blush and the flesh is red, pink or white.

  • Quince



These large, yellow pears are rock hard when eaten raw, but when processed into juice, compote or in cake they magically become super tasteful!

  • Pomegranates



The pomegranate looks like a large, pinkish-red apple with a leathery skin. When you break or cut the pomegranate, you will see the countless red seeds.

  • Figs



Figs are a real delicacy! They combine wonderfully with savory products such as cheese or raw ham. Figs are so-called false fruits: formed from the base of the flower and the flower. The seeds, the skin and the pulp are edible.

  • Pied de Mouton

Pied de Mouton


Pied de Mouton is also known as “sheep feet” and are wild mushrooms with a fleshy cap and a thick stem. The mushroom has a natural shape with soft spines at the bottom of the hat.

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  • Morels



Morels have a spongy, pointed cap, which is reminiscent of a honeycomb. Where the morel used to be common in the wild in Europe, it has now become a protected mushroom, which is why it's not always available. The taste is wonderfully spicy.

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