• Waterkers



Watercress is a young plant which, as the name suggests, grows in water. The fresh green leaves and crispy stems have a nice peppery taste, which is comparable to the taste of radish and rocket salad.

  • Raddichio Rosa

Raddichio Rosa


This beautiful pink lettuce is from Italy and is related to radicchio lettuce. Raddichio Rosa has the same characteristic, slightly bitter taste as the other radicchio varieties, but tastes a bit sweeter. Its a beautiful eye-catcher on your plate!

Raddichio Rosa2023-12-12T09:28:11+01:00
  • Cordifole sla

Cordifole lettuce


Cordifole is a family of ice lettuce and has a fresh and slightly sour lemon flavor. The leaves are sturdy and heart-shaped.

Cordifole lettuce2023-07-06T11:59:47+02:00
  • Chiconettes



Chiconettes are small chicory heads with a rich flavor. Chiconettes owe their color to the fact that they are grown in the dark. Because light does not reach the leaves, the plant does not produce any green dye.

  • Lamb's lettuce

Lamb’s lettuce


Lamb’s lettuce used to grow among the grain, hence the name lamb’s lettuce. For a long time, people thought it was a type of weed, but luckily they eventually discovered that these fine, green leaves are very tasty. The cheerful leaves are light to dark green and the flavour is mild.

Lamb’s lettuce2023-02-15T11:24:27+01:00
  • treviso

Treviso Precoce


This beautiful vegetable is related to radicchio and therefore, it has the same characteristic slightly bitter taste.

Treviso Precoce2024-04-30T11:34:17+02:00
  • Treviso Tardivo

Treviso Tardivo


Treviso Tardivo is characterized by a rosette of long narrow leaves with a wide white midrib and a narrow leaf at the top.

Treviso Tardivo2024-04-30T11:34:27+02:00
  • Rucola Baby leaves

Rocket salad


In recent years, rocket salad has conquered many cuisines worldwide. Although it was not that long ago that rocket salad was unknown, it is now indispensable for many people. Rocket salad is a delicious, peppery, leafy vegetable with a powerful flavour.

Rocket salad2023-05-22T11:20:57+02:00
  • Red Mustard baby leaves

Red Mustard baby leaves


Red mustard leaves bring a powerful mustard flavour. The lettuce is usually eaten raw and can be recognized by its red-green coloured leaves.

Red Mustard baby leaves2023-02-15T10:50:58+01:00
  • Mizuna lettuce

Mizuna baby leaves


This delicious, Japanese leafy vegetable has a slightly peppery flavour and consists of thinly frilled leaves. Mizuna baby leaves come in red and green.

Mizuna baby leaves2022-03-18T16:11:53+01:00
  • Kale baby leaves

Kale baby leaves


This is the “baby” variety of kale. It has beautiful, fine leaves and the taste of this baby kale is wonderfully fresh and slightly spicy. Although kale has the reputation of a winter vegetable, this baby variety is also great for summer salads!

Kale baby leaves2023-02-15T10:27:02+01:00
  • Mesclun

Mesclun baby leaves


Mesclun is a delicious mix of different types of lettuce which are early harvested. Mesclun is Latin for “mixture”. The lettuce mix mainly contains American and Japanese varieties.

Mesclun baby leaves2023-02-15T10:39:43+01:00
  • Bull's Blood

Bulls blood baby leaves


Bulls Blood is a beautiful type of lettuce with deep red-purple leaves. It is actually the leaf of a Bulls Blood beet. The taste is sweet-bitter and slightly earthy. Because of its beautiful colour, this colorful lettuce variety is great to combine with green leaves.

Bulls blood baby leaves2023-02-27T16:50:32+01:00
  • Baby spinach

Baby spinach


These little spinach baby leaves are deliciously tender and have a strong flavour. Despite its small size, it contains many nutrients. No wonder Popeye became so strong! Did you know that Popeye ensured that spinach sales increased by 30%?

Baby spinach2023-02-07T14:36:19+01:00
  • Dandelion leaves



In Holland, dandelion is also called “mole lettuce” or “horse lettuce”. It's the leaf of the dandelion flower. Dandelion is quite bitter and therefore grown in the dark, which results in a softer taste. The taste and colour is similar to chicory.

  • Little gem

Little Gem


Little gems are nice, small lettuce heads which are ready to use and they have a slightly sweet flavour. The nice thing about Little Gem is that you can also grill or steam the heads. When Little Gem is steamed, it tastes a bit like asparagus.

Little Gem2024-04-30T11:33:19+02:00
  • IJskruidsla

Ice plant lettuce


Ice plant lettuce is a type of lettuce which comes from France. Ice plant lettuce has a nice, slightly salted flavour. This special lettuce received its name from the glittering blisters on the stems and leaves. The leaves look like frozen droplets, how beautiful can it be?

Ice plant lettuce2024-04-30T11:37:10+02:00
  • Castelfranco



This type of lettuce originated from a mix between red chicory and endive. It is a lettuce looking vegetable which is very decorative. The leaves are beautiful green to red coloured and have red-pink “splashes”.

  • Puntarelle



Puntarelle is a happy looking vegetable which is recognisable by long shaped, thin leaves attached to a white stem. The flavour could be descripted as nutty and bitter. Puntarelle is a vegetable with own instructions, but definitely worth it!

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