Dive into the culinary world of micro greens!

Dive with us into the culinary world of micro greens. During this journey we put some spotlights on the wonderful world of cresses, leaves and edible flowers.

Micro greens are freshly sprouted plants form 100% natural, aromatic plants. These plants offer a freshness and intensity in taste and aroma that is only found in young plants. With the right conditions, expertise and care, these young plants and flowers grow into gems with a unique palette of flavour. Surprising and inspiring what a big impact such a small ingredient can give to a dish. The bright colours, delicate structure and refined taste make it a treat for connoisseur and a joy to work with for chefs!

Shiso Leaves green

These little taste and vitamin bombs from mother nature come in many different shapes and colors, each with their own refreshing and rich aroma. If we have to believe the trend watchers, we will see a lot of Shiso Leaves in particular this year. These beautiful leaves have a suprising mint/anise like flavour and taste fantastic in both sweet and savory dishes!

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Cocktail Leaves & Lime

With Shiso Leaves, Kaffir Lime leaves and lime

To the recipe

Please note: The availability of products from our range always depends on the seasons, weather conditions and other natural factors. That is why there are always periods when some products are temporarily unavailable.


Leaves can be used for various creative and tasteful dishes. They not only add colour and flavour to dishes, but they transform your dish into something magical!


The white vegetables are uniquely grown in specially developed dark rooms, in water and with high humidity. A collection of inspiring products for gastronomy!


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Refreshing and rich in taste! These plants offer a freshness and strong taste and aroma that can only be found in young plants. Versatile in taste and possibilities!


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An explosion of colour! Edible flowers are beautiful to look at and are often used to garnish and brighten up dishes.


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