• Mini shanghai pack choi

Shanghai pak choi


Shanghai pak choi is a Chinese leafy vegetable and is related to the Chinese cabbage and can be used raw and cooked. Ideal for Asian wok meals, for example with salmon and sweet and sour sauce.

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Wosun is also called “celtuce” or “stem lettuce” . The leaf of the stem lettuce is firm and slightly bitter. The taste of the stems is a bit like celery or lettuce. The structure is of a firm cucumber without the seeds and the colour is beautiful translucent green.

  • Tatsoi



Tatsoi is one of the little brothers of pak choi, but with light green stems and round, dark green leaves.

  • Mini Pak choi

Mini pak choi


Mini pak choi is the little brother of common pak choi and has soft, crunchy white stems and dark green leaves. The taste is fresh and fairly neutral with a pleasant bite. Mini pak choi tastes fantastic in Asian stir-fries.

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  • Paksoi wit

Pak choi


This Asian leafy vegetable has a nice fresh, but slightly spicy taste and a good bite. It is exactly this bite what makes this vegetable so popular and multifunctional. You can stir-fry , cook or stew the pak choi , but you can also grill it on the barbeque.

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  • Kailan



Kailan is also known as Chinese broccoli. The leaves are glossy blue-green and the stems are thick. The inflorescence and taste is similar to broccoli, but the taste is stronger and more bitter.

  • Ong Choi

Ong choi


Ong choi is also called water spinach. Ong choi is a leafy vegetable with thin, hollow stems and long, flat leaves. The taste is similar to regular spinach, but with a delicious, crunchy bite.

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  • Kai Choi

Kai choi


Kai Choi is also called mustard cabbage. It is a type of mustard cabbage within the Asian mustard cabbage family. Kai choi looks a bit like iceberg lettuce. The leaves are tougher and the stems are thicker. The taste is slightly bitter and peppery.

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Choi Sam


This green leafy vegetable has a crunchy, fresh and juicy structure. This Chinese vegetable is related to pak choi, but slightly more spicy. The vegetable is easy to prepare.

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