• Mini carrots

Mini carrot


Mini carrots are available in a variety of colours, such as orange, purple and yellow. It is a root vegetable that grows under the ground. You can recognize the carrot by the elongated, round stem which is about 10 to 12 centimetres long. Mini carrots have a sweet taste and a crunchy texture.

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  • Mini turnips

Mini turnip


Mini turnips are white-purple coloured round-shaped roots. The taste of this mini vegetables is powerful and sharp.  After cooking, the sharp taste decreases a bit.

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  • Mini beets

Baby beet


The mini beet is the smaller version of a normal beet. Available in beautiful colors such as yellow, red and chioggia. Mini beets have a slightly finer structure than the normal version and the taste is somewhat stronger.

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  • Kiwai



Kiwai or kiwi berry is the little brother of the kiwi. Its small size makes it the perfect snack on the go.

  • Muscat pumpkin

Muscat pumpkin


This beautiful pumpkin has a nutty, spicy flavour and is somewhat reminiscent of nutmeg, which explains the name. The muscat pumpkin is a large bulbous pumpkin with a firm, hard skin and orange flesh. The pumpkin is full of large flat seeds. The muscat is a pumpkin that you often see as a decoration on Halloween.

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  • Kabocha pumpkin

Kabocha pumpkin


As far as we're concerned, the tastiest pumpkin from our range! The pumpkin is deep orange inside, and has a dark green skin with light green stripes. The taste is often compared to sweet chestnut but without the nasty structure of sweet chestnut. The pumpkin is sweet and creamy.

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  • Butternut squash

Butternut squash


This bottle-shaped pumpkin tastes wonderfully sweet and nutty. The pumpkin is beautiful orange and has soft flesh on the inside.

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  • Pied de Mouton

Pied de Mouton


Pied de Mouton is also known as “sheep feet” and are wild mushrooms with a fleshy cap and a thick stem. The mushroom has a natural shape with soft spines at the bottom of the hat.

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Judas Ear


Judas Ear is a fungus that you often encounter in wet and damp weather. Its name derives from the Biblical figure “Judas Iscariot” and the fact is the fungus looks a bit like an ear!

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  • Cantharelles



Chantarelles are also called Girolles and have a peppery taste with a delicious apricot aroma. The Chantarelle can appear in different colours, from white to orange.

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