• Witte ui

White Onions


The white onion has a white skin and is white on the inside. A white onion has a slightly sharper taste than a yellow onion, but is still slightly sweeter. It is also very juicy and crunchy.

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  • Black onions

Black onion


Meet black garlic's sister, black onion. For this, yellow onions are placed in ovens for weeks. The result is a black, fermented onion bursting with healthy properties. Unique and soft in taste, creamy in texture. The taste is best described as: subtle hints of soy, balsamic and raisins. This makes black onion a delicious delicacy.

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  • Red onions

Red Onions


Do you prefer a slightly milder onion? Get yourself a red onion. This onion is crunchy, slightly sweet and has a bitter aftertaste. They cause fewer tears while cutting and have a less intense odor after eating.

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  • yellow onion

Yellow Onions


The onion, like leeks, garlic and chives, belongs to the onion family. The yellow onion has a golden, yellow skin and is white inside. The flesh is firm and has a spicy taste.

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  • Tropea ui

Tropea onion


Tropea onions are considered as the most delicious type of red onions in the world. It is a beautiful red onion with an oval shape. The onion tastes wonderfully sweet and has a strong aroma. They can be found in Italian city of Tropea, where many shops display braids of red onions. The Tropea jelly has become a popular souvenir, it tastes great on bruschetta!

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  • Pearl onions

Pearl onion


The pearl onion is a tiny onion variety which doesn't grow a lot bigger than 1 to 1.5 centimeters. In the Netherlands you often come across pickled pearl onions. These fresh, small onions are suitable very suitable for pickling or can be processed in a stew.

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  • Sweet onion

Sweet onion


This sweet onion has a beautiful light yellow skin. As the name implies, these onions are less strong and slightly sweeter than other types of onions.

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  • Boretana uien

Borettane onion


The Borettane onion has a flat, oval shape. Compared to other onions, the Borettane onion tastes less sharp and more excuisite. It is an ancient, Italian type of onion, which originated in the town of Boretto, a small village on the Po river.

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  • Roscoff ui

Roscoff onion


The Roscoff onion is a beautiful light pink coloured onion which can be eaten raw or cooked. The taste is sweeter than a regular onion and caramelises faster. The Roscoff onion has a rich history and every year there is a party organized in the city of Roscoff to celebrate the onion.

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  • Banana shallot

Banana shallot


The banana shallot is a crossing between an onion and a shallot. It has a characteristic appearance with its elongated shape and rosé-golden skin. The shape makes it very suitable to cut into nice, equal onion rings.

Banana shallot2023-02-06T15:32:03+01:00
  • Shallot



The shallot is a famous onion variety known for its refined taste. The difference with the onion is that they taste sweeter and finer. A shallot is small and oval shaped and has a red skin. Warning... With shallots you have an even bigger chance of tears while chopping...

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