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Agrumi d’italia


Italy, the country of the tastiest pasta, olives, cheese, wine and... citrus! The Mediterranean coastline and mild climate provide ideal conditions for growing citrus fruits, earning Italy an iconic place on the map of citrus-producing countries.

Agrumi d’italia2023-12-07T14:32:36+01:00
  • Thanksgiving

Celebrate Thanksgiving with mushrooms!


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on and be grateful for all the good things in life. This of course includes a beautifully set table full of delicious traditional dishes to enjoy with friends and family. This year we're doing things a little differently and combining the classics with... mushrooms! Comfort food to the max!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with mushrooms!2023-11-20T07:49:40+01:00
  • Kito

Kito: The Golden Village of Yuzu


Hidden in the enchanting region of Kito, Japan, grows one of the best-kept secrets of Japanese cuisine: yuzu. With its seductive aroma and unique flavor profile, this special citrus fruit can rightly be called a miracle of mother nature. Get to know the authentic taste of Japan!

Kito: The Golden Village of Yuzu2023-11-13T16:28:15+01:00

Tropical temptations: experience the magic of Indonesian fruits


The tropical climate makes Indonesia not only the perfect place for a winter escape, but also to grow an array of tropical fruits. In fact, some of these fruits grow nowhere else in the world. The widespread islands in the Indonesian archipelago ensure that many fruits are available year-round.

Tropical temptations: experience the magic of Indonesian fruits2023-11-07T15:06:05+01:00

Happy Easter!


Easter is just around the corner. Two days full of fun, looking for Easter eggs and enjoying delicious snacks and dishes together with friends and family at a festive brunch table. Let's make it a special Easter and choose colorful and tasteful food. Of course, the Easter bunny's favorite vegetable, the carrot, cannot be missed!

Happy Easter!2023-04-03T12:48:13+02:00

Will we see you at the Fruit Logistica?


The 30th edition of Fruit Logistica, the leading trade fair and the world's most innovative and international meeting place for the global fruit and vegetable sector, will take place in Berlin from 8 to 10 February 2023. Bud Holland will also participate this year with a beautiful new stand.

Will we see you at the Fruit Logistica?2022-12-12T12:34:43+01:00
  • Thanksgiving

Get ready for Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and enjoying a delicious meal together. We take out the beautiful crockery, we set the table festively and go into the kitchen to prepare traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

Get ready for Thanksgiving!2022-11-17T15:16:04+01:00
  • Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween


Trick or Treat! The end of October is all about Halloween. Houses are decorated with spider webs and we see the hollowed-out pumpkins with carved faces at the front door again. Halloween is a traditional festival from Ireland which is celebrated annually and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. During Halloween, when it gets dark, the kids dress up around the houses for a trick or treat. View our range of pumpkins here and complete the Halloween party with ornamental pumpkins and tasty dishes with pumpkin in the lead!

Happy Halloween2022-10-17T12:27:02+02:00
  • Halafruit

Will we see you at the Fruit Attraction?


From October 4 to 6, the 14th edition of Fruit Attraction will take place in IFEMA Madrid. Bud Holland will also participate this year with a beautiful new stand. And of course we hope to introduce you to our fresh & diverse range, so feel free to drop by our stand! Our team is excited to meet you! You can find us in Hall 10, stand H01B.

Will we see you at the Fruit Attraction?2022-08-31T15:06:04+02:00
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