• Kissabel appel

Kissabel® apple


Kissabel® has an intense red skin and characteristic lenticels (pigmented dots). However, what really makes this apple special is its bright red flesh and great taste with hints of berries. Kissabel® is much more than a nice name; it is a completely new apple with a new story.

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  • Mini shanghai pack choi

Shanghai pak choi


Shanghai pak choi is a Chinese leafy vegetable and is related to the Chinese cabbage and can be used raw and cooked. Ideal for Asian wok meals, for example with salmon and sweet and sour sauce.

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  • Wild garlic

Wild garlic


Wild garlic is a delicious herb with a strong garlic flavour and aroma. This makes the green leaves a great seasoning for pasta, pesto and soup. Wild garlic grows in the spring in shady forests in Europe, a beautiful sight with its cheerful, white flowers.

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  • Spaghetti pumpkin

Spaghetti pumpkin


The spaghetti squash has a very special quality. Uncooked it doesn't seem very special, but the magic starts when it's cooked. Then the pulp turns into thin strands that resemble spaghetti. And of course you can use it like spaghetti!. A nice alternative to regular spaghetti.

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Wosun is also called “celtuce” or “stem lettuce” . The leaf of the stem lettuce is firm and slightly bitter. The taste of the stems is a bit like celery or lettuce. The structure is of a firm cucumber without the seeds and the colour is beautiful translucent green.


Choi Sam


This green leafy vegetable has a crunchy, fresh and juicy structure. This Chinese vegetable is related to pak choi, but slightly more spicy. The vegetable is easy to prepare.

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  • Daikon



Daikon is an Asian oversized radish. Daikon has a mild taste and is less sharp than other radish varieties.

  • Parsnips



Parsnip is a delicious, firm carrot. The taste of parsnip is a true delicacy. Intense, aromatic and sweet. Parsnip has a flavour which resembles a combination of fennel and carrot.

  • Horse radish

Horse radish


This sharp and spicy root is popular in countries such as Germany and Great-Britain and is gaining popularity in more countries. It is often confused with the wasabi root because they give off a similar feeling of mustard-like heat. Unlike chilies, the heat from wasabi and horseradish doesn't stay very long.

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  • meirapen



This bulbous tuber is about the same size of an apple. Turnip is a true spring vegetable.

  • Swiss chard

Swiss chard


The flavour of this vegetable is a delicious mix of spinach and red beetroots. De stems are coloured in the colours of the rainbow. The leaves are green and the nerves have the same colour as the stem.

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