• Broodvrucht



The name of this special fruit is derived from its texture when cooked, which resembles freshly baked bread. However, the taste is more like a potato and it can also be used that way. For many Polynesians, breadfruit has been one of their main food sources for generations.

  • Rullo 500px

Rulo banana


The Rulo banana is the little sister of the well-known plantain and cannot be eaten raw. The taste of the Rulo banana is nice and sweet and it is smaller and wider in shape compared to the plantain. Once the Rulo banana has been picked, it ripens fairly quickly and has a short shelf life.

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  • Tindoro Parval

Pointed gourd (Parwal)


The pointed gourd, also called parwal, comes from the same family as the cucumber. This vegetable is often confused with tindola, as they are very similar in shape and size. The pointed gourd has a smooth green skin on the outside with, in most cases, white stripes. On the inside, the pointed gourd has large round pips. The size can vary from small and round to thick and long. Unlike cucumbers, the pointed gourd is not eaten raw.

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  • Teroi

Ridge gourd (Teroi)


Ridge gourd (Teroi) comes from the cucumber family and has a neutral, slightly sweet taste. The taste is somewhere in between that of cucumber and zucchini. This exotic vegetable is also very similar in appearance to the cucumber. The young ridge gourd has a green, distinctive grooved skin with longitudinally pointed ridges. When the ridge cucumber becomes ripe, it develops a yellow skin, the taste becomes bitter and can no longer be eaten.

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  • Snake Gourd

Snake gourd


The snake gourd owes its name to its striking appearance. Due to its long, thin, curled shape, this characteristic pumpkin resembles a snake. The snake gourd is eaten as a young fruit and is a beloved ingredient of chefs because of its mild taste. As the snake gourd ripens, the flesh changes color and has a bitter taste, making it unappetizing to eat.

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  • Pomster 500px

Ambarella (Pomster)


Ambarella, Pomster, Kedondong or Tahiti apple, this fruit goes by many names and can be recognized by its spiky pit in the center. The ambarella can be eaten both ripe and unripe. When the ambarella is unripe, it is green, firm and has a sweet and sour taste. A great addition to curries. A ripe ambarella, has a golden yellow skin and the taste is nice and sweet. Delicious to eat out of hand.

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  • Papayablad 500px

Papaya leaves


Besides the fruit, the leaves of the papaya tree are also edible. The taste is quite bitter and can be processed as a vegetable. In Mexico, meat is often baked in papaya leaves to make the meat more tender. The leaves are also widely used as medicine, for example by processing them in tea.

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  • Mangoblad

Mango leaves


Few people know that in addition to the mango itself, the leaves of the mango tree are also edible. Rumor has that mango leaves can have positive effects on our health. The leaf is glossy and has an elongated acuminate shape. When the leaves are young, they have a red-purple color that changes to a beautiful, deep green color as they ripen. The young green leaves are very juicy and can be eaten raw or cooked, but you can also make delicious herbal tea from them.

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  • Nenwa 500px

Sponge gourd (Nenwa)


Sponge gourd (Nenwa) is a tropical family member of the cucumber family and, like its well-known brother, has a cylindrical elongated shape. This young, soft vegetable has a slightly sweet taste. Sponge gourd has a firm skin and is spongy inside. The Sponge gourd is also called Nenwa cucumber or loofah.

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Tindola (Tindora)


Tindola originates from the same family as cucumbers and has many similarities in appearance. Smooth green skin on the outside and small seeds on the inside. This vegetable is a lot smaller than its well-known relative and is therefore also called a mini cucumber. Unlike (mini) cucumbers, the tindola is not eaten raw. Tindola tastes a little sour when eaten raw, but otherwise they are quite neutral.

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  • Lauki

Bottle gourd (Lauki)


Bottle gourd, also called Lauki, can be encountered in different forms. They can be round, pear-shaped or bottle-shaped, but usually the lauki has a curved shape, just like the well-known cucumber. Bottle gourd is a young fruit with a smooth, green skin on the outside and deliciously juicy, white-greenish flesh on the inside, just like the zucchini. It will therefore not surprise you that this special fruit is related to the cucumber, zucchini and melon. Bottle gourd can be boiled and stewed and served as a vegetable.

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  • Moringablad 500px

Moringa leaves


These beautiful leaves are the leaves of the moringa tree, which is often affectionately called the wonder tree. Moringa is becoming increasingly popular as a superfood. The plant is very nutritious and provides a caffeine-free energy kick. A cup of 'miracle tea' in the afternoon and say goodbye to your energy crash!

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  • Drumsticks

Moringa beans (Drumsticks)


No, not the drumsticks you eat with your Friday afternoon drinks! These drumsticks are the fruit of the moringa tree, which is often referred to as the miracle tree. Almost all parts of the moringa are useful and very nutritious. The beans, seeds, roots, flowers and leaves can be eaten and the juice and oil used for medicines and dyes. The tree is therefore increasingly used to fight hunger in developing countries.

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  • Birambi

Blimbing (Birambi)


Blimbing is also called Birambi and is related to carambola. In contrast to carambola, this fruit is generally not eaten raw, but processed in dishes. They are cooked with sugar, candied or made into chutney, jam or syrup. The fruits are also added to rice and fish dishes. The taste and smell is quite sour.

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  • Kiwano



Kiwano is part of the cucumber family and has an oval shape with small spikes, for this reason the kiwano is also called 'horned melon'. The inside of a kiwano contains many chambers with jelly-like seeds. The inside of a kiwano is edible and has a fresh taste.

  • Avocado



The immensely popular avocado with its creamy flesh and slightly nut-like taste is a true friend to everyone. But it sometimes takes a while before you can enjoy this pleasure . Fortunately, we have Readylicious® avocados. These avocados are delicious from right away. They are ready to eat and therefor to enjoy today. That's because they have been grown, transported and pampered according to our Ripe & Ready concept.

  • Kousenband

Long beans


This special long mangetout looks a little bit like a stretched green bean. The original name is “vigna unguiculata”. It means “one and a half feet long”. The long bean can only reach a big length under warm circumstances.

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