• Ataulfo mango

Ataulfo mango


Ataulfo mangoes are known for their intense sweetness, pronounced aroma and especially for their buttery, almost fibre-free structure. They are somewhat smaller in size than normal mangoes and the color is golden yellow. Due to their high sugar content, this mango has a honey-like sweetness, which is why Ataulfo mangoes are also called honey mangoes. It's easy to imagine yourself in a tropical paradise while eating this Mexican mango!

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  • Poblano

Poblano pepper


This chilli originates from Mexico and has a delicious subtly spicy taste, making it good to use in all kinds of dishes. The appearance of the Poblano pepper is somewhat like a mini bell pepper, but then spicy. The Poblano pepper owes its name to the area where they originally come from, Puebla Mexico. In Mexican cuisine, this is an important ingredient for the traditional mole sauce.

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  • Tree ripened mangos

Tree ripened mango


The mango has many varieties and is therefore available in many different flavors and shapes. Keith and Kent mangoes are the most famous. Most mangoes are picked unripe and are ripened at the destination, but there are also so-called tree-ripened mangoes. The growers take some more time prior to harvesting as these mangoes ripen in their natural environment on the tree. As a result these mango’s have the perfect smell, texture & taste. Besides that they are full of vitamins and other nutritions. In our opinion, these mangoes are the tastiest.

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  • Medjoul Dates

Medjoul date


Medjoul dates are the fruits of the date palm that are dried after harvesting. A Medjoul date is the king of dates and a delicious treat. They are bigger, softer and more flavorful than most dates.

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  • cactus leaves

Cactus leaves


To eat cactus Leaf, the spines must first be removed. This can be done by going over the skin of the blade with a knife. Cactus Leaf can be prepared in different ways, it's great for the BBQ or for cooking. The cactus leaf cannot be consumed raw.

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  • Lychees



Lychees have a red, firm skin. During ripening, the lychee changes color from pink-red to red-brown and when it is ripe, you can peel the fruit and a delicious, glassy white fruit appears with a seed in it. Lychees are juicy and deliciously sweet in taste.

  • Mango Readylicious



The mango has many varieties and appears in many different flavours and shapes. The most famous mango’s are Keith and Kent mangoes. But Tommy Atkins, Palmer, Aya and Shelley are also delicious varieties. It takes a while till the unripe mango could be eaten. Fortunately, that is the reason why Bud Holland sells ready to eat mangoes! These Readylicious® mangoes are delicious right away. They are grown, transported and pampered according to the Ripe & Ready method.

  • Limoen



Lime we love it! This sour aromatic citrus fruit is wonderfully versatile and gives an instant tropical touch to any dish. Limes are therefore used worldwide! The fruit is round and green with sometimes a yellow `belly` and contains 9 fragrant segments.

  • Grapefruit



Grapefruit is a cross between a grapefruit and an pomelo. For those who appreciate a bit of bitterness, the grapefruit is a delicious piece of fruit. The citrus fruit has a yellow to orange-coloured skin with a pink blush and the flesh is red, pink or white.

  • Tomatillo



The tomatillo is also called Mexican earth cherry. The round, large berry is surounded by a dried, straw-yellow, paper-like cup.

  • Avocado



The immensely popular avocado with its creamy flesh and slightly nut-like taste is a true friend to everyone. But it sometimes takes a while before you can enjoy this pleasure . Fortunately, we have Readylicious® avocados. These avocados are delicious from right away. They are ready to eat and therefor to enjoy today. That's because they have been grown, transported and pampered according to our Ripe & Ready concept.

  • Carambola



The carambola is as well named star fruit. This fruit got its name from the fact that when you cut it into slices, it resembles a star. The flesh of the carambola is very juicy, yellow and a bit tart. A ripe carambola is firm and has a bright yellow skin. The more yellow colour of the skin, the sweeter the taste.

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