Sea vegetables

  • Sea lavendar

Sea lavender


Sea lavender belongs to the sea vegetable. This plant cannot survive without salt water. A delicious salty vegetable, which goes well with fish dishes. They are also called sea aster.

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  • Wakame



Wakamé is also known as sea fern and has an olive green to brown color, with a rubbery, long and smooth single leaves with wavy edges. The sea vegetable can grow up to two meters high. Wakamé is often processed into a delicious Japanese seaweed salad.

  • Sea Purslane

Sea Purslane


For the love of salt, the surprising effect of combining land and sea. Sea Purslane has a slight oil looking, sea salt taste.

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  • Sea Okahijki

Sea Okahijki


For the love of salt, the surprising effect of combining land and sea. Sea Okahijki has first a peppery taste and it become salts afterwards.

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  • Sea Nibbles

Sea Nibbels


For the love of salt, the surprising effect of combining land and sea. Sea Nibbels have a soft and smooth taste with a hint of sea salt.

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  • Sea Flower Rock Fennel

Sea Flowers Rock Fennel


For the love of salt, the surprising effect of combining land and sea. Sea Flowers Rock Fennel has a hint of lemon and fennel with a slight mild asparagus taste.

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  • Sea Oyster Flower

Sea Flowers Oyster


For the love of salt, the surprising effect of combining land and sea. Sea Flowers Oyster have a sweet taste in combination with salt.

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  • Sea Buckhoorn

Sea Buchshoorn


For the love of salt, the surprising effect of combining land and sea. Sea Buchshoorn has a slight peppery, nutty taste with a salty bite.

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  • Sea Beets

Sea Beets


For the love of salt, the surprising effect of combining land and sea. Sea Beets have a salty, spinach taste in combination with a mild beetroots flavour and earthy aroma.

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  • Moai Caviar

Moai Caviar


Moai Caviar is known as ‘Umibudo’, the Japanese word for ‘Sea Grapes’ or ‘Green Caviar’. An edible seaweed with little bubbles on its stems, which remind of a small green cluster of grapes or fish roe. The bubbles break easily on the tongue, releasing a slightly salty taste of southern sea freshness. When used raw it is a visually attractive ingredient with a gel-like, aqueous mouth-feeling.

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  • Oyster Leaves

Oyster Leaves


Oyster Leaves have a slight salty taste that highly resembles oysters and are therefore often refered to as Vegetarian Oysters.

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  • Sea Fennel

Sea Fennel


Sea Fennel has a number of uses in the culinary field. Working with Sea fennel requires precise dosage due to its concentrated aromas. When it is blanched, the full asparagus flavour is most evident.

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  • AAA---No-picture-yet

Sea rosemary


The sea rosemary is the briny brother of the domestic rosemary. In addition, the aromatic taste can also be compared to rosemary. Sea rosemary does not grow in the water, but along the coast, which explains the salty flavour.

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  • Kombu Royal

Royal Kumbu seaweed


The seaweed Royal Kumbu is a very tasty seaweed. Because of the sweet taste, it is also called sugar seaweed. It is a so-called typical winter weed: it only grows at lower temperatures. Royal Kumbu is meaty and crunchy.

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  • Nori seaweed

Nori Seaweed


This famous seaweed is best known in Japanese cuisine. Nori seaweed is processed into nori sheets and used for preparing sushi. The color is red to black.

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  • Sea lettuce

Sea lettuce


Sea lettuce is a green algae that occurs all over the world. It is a well-known phenomenon especially during summer, because the growth is stimulated by the difference in light concentrations. It will appear on the beach in thick plagues. Sea lettuce is popular among vegetarians and vegans, but is also becoming increasingly popular to a wider public. Besides that sea lettuce appears to be very healthy, it also looks fantastic and has a delicious umami flavor.

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  • Samphire



Samphire does not grow in the sea, but in the transition zone of salt water and land. The tubular, green stems have a fine, salty taste which makes it an ideal product to make dishes with fish, shellfish or crustaceans.

  • Dulse sea kale

Dulse sea kale


Dulse sea kale belongs to the red seaweeds and has a unique, smoky, full flavour.Palmaria, the name of this type of seaweed means “the palm of the hand” in Latin, which refers to the hand shaped from of the seaweed.

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  • Monk's beard

Monk’s beard


Monk’s beard is also called Barba di Frata , the Italian translation of monk’s beard. Monk’s beard has a delicious, salty taste and grows in salty marshes along the Mediterranean Sea.

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