• Halloween pompoen

Pumpkin ‘Jack o’lantern’ (Halloween)


The pumpkin 'Jack o'lantern' is a medium-sized, round pumpkin with a beautiful deep orange color. This pumpkin is used as the Halloween pumpkin. By hollowing out the pumpkin and carve out a scary face with a sharp knife, you can easily create the perfect lantern for on your doorstep. A must have for the annual traditional Halloween party!

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  • Mini pompoen Jack be Little

Mini pumpkin ‘Jack be little’


The pumpkin 'Jack be little' is, as the name suggests, a small pumpkin and is about the size of a fist. It is the smaller version of the classic Halloween pumpkin, has a beautiful deep orange color and is full of flavor. Thanks to their small size, these pumpkins are very remarkable and very tasty to fill or roast in its entirety.

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  • Sierpompoen

Ornamental pumpkins


Ornamental pumpkins (or ornamental fruit or ornamental gourds) is a plant species that comes from the cucumber family and, as the name suggests, is not edible. Of course they are very nice as decoration in the house or at the front door. In the fall you see them popping up everywhere and they are also widely used as decoration for the Halloween party. The ornamental pumpkins are available in many different shapes, colors and sizes.

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  • Coco de Paimpol

Haricot Coco de Paimpol


Haricot Coco de Paimpol is a white bean variety with a refined taste that is very popular among chefs. This striking bean is named after the beautiful coastal region of Paimpol in France, where these beans are grown in a defined area. What is special is that these beans are still harvested by hand, while most beans are harvested mechanically. The Haricot Coco de Paimpol beans have a protected indication of origin (PDO).

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  • Chayote



Chayote is a green-skinned smooth pear-shaped fruit, about 7-10 cm in size. The pulp of chayote is greenish-white and the taste is a bit like a cucumber.

  • Crown Prince pumpkin

Crown Prince pumpkin


The colour of this pumpkin may be a bit grey, but the inside is certainly not! The bright orange flesh has a delicious sweet taste and has a long shelf life. Roasting the pumpkin in the oven makes it extra sweet! It owes its royal name to the round wreath at the bottom.

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  • Spaghetti pumpkin

Spaghetti pumpkin


The spaghetti squash has a very special quality. Uncooked it doesn't seem very special, but the magic starts when it's cooked. Then the pulp turns into thin strands that resemble spaghetti. And of course you can use it like spaghetti!. A nice alternative to regular spaghetti.

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  • Muscat pumpkin

Muscat pumpkin


This beautiful pumpkin has a nutty, spicy flavour and is somewhat reminiscent of nutmeg, which explains the name. The muscat pumpkin is a large bulbous pumpkin with a firm, hard skin and orange flesh. The pumpkin is full of large flat seeds. The muscat is a pumpkin that you often see as a decoration on Halloween.

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  • Hokkaido pumpkin

Hokkaido pumpkin


This Japanese rather small variety of pumpkin has an edible skin and edible flesh. The taste could be described as mild, smooth, full, nutty and sweet. It Is very popular due to its small size.

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  • Butternut squash

Butternut squash


This bottle-shaped pumpkin tastes wonderfully sweet and nutty. The pumpkin is beautiful orange and has soft flesh on the inside.

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  • Karela 2



The look of this product is just as special as the number of (nick)names given to this vegetable: sopropo, balsam pear, bitter melon and paré. Karela tastes quite bitter and is comparable to zucchini.

  • Yellow zucchini

Yellow zucchini


The yellow zucchini is a long shaped vegetable with a beautiful yellow skin. The pulp has a lighter and whiter colour than the green zucchini, but tastes exactly the same.

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  • Borlotti bonen

Borlotti beans


These festive, pink-speckled beans are a real treat to the eye. But the taste is also fantastic, sweet and nutty, They are loved in Italy and are used in pasta, risotto and salads.

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  • Sugar snaps

Sugar snaps


Sugar snaps are a mix between garden peas and mangetouts. This makes them taste sweeter than the mangetouts and that is where the name sugar snaps comes from. You can eat the sugar snaps all in once. The great thing about the sugar snaps is that they stay fresh and crunchy during preparation.

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  • Mangetout



This flat, crunchy and slightly sweet legume has become an indispensable part of world cuisine. They are the young pods of a pea variety, but unlike many pea varieties, this vegetable is not harvested for its peas (because they are tiny) but for the whole pod.

  • Edamame



Edamame is a delicious, proteinosis and exotic snack. Edamame means “bean” in the Japanese language. Edamame are young, unripe legumes from the soybean plant and that is why edamame is also known as soybeans. Edamame have to be cooked and often been served together with sushi.

  • Kousenband

Long beans


This special long mangetout looks a little bit like a stretched green bean. The original name is “vigna unguiculata”. It means “one and a half feet long”. The long bean can only reach a big length under warm circumstances.

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  • haricots verts

Haricots verts


Haricots verts are green beans, which are harvested in an earlier stage causing a softer, subtler flavour and a thinner look. Unlike normal green beans, haricot verts do not 'squeek' while eating.

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