Mini vegetables

  • Mini prei

Mini leek


Mini leek belongs to the garlic family and has the same looks as its bigger brother, but is slightly softer and sweeter in flavor. With its white stems and green bract, the mini leek is very suitable to use in its entirety in a dish. Great in taste with a decorative look!

Mini leek2023-05-22T13:03:20+02:00
  • Mini patty pan groen en geel

Mini patty pan


Mini patty pan can be recognized by its flat shape with scalloped edges. This mini variety is a member of the cucumber family and is a fruit which is used as a vegetable. The neutral taste makes the mini patty pan a true friend to all and its unique appearance with cheerful color makes it a real eye-catcher on your plate.

Mini patty pan2023-04-24T10:24:59+02:00
  • Mini Indian Corn

Mini Indian corn


Mini Indian Corn, also called flint corn because of the hard shell, is a decorative corn cob and has a striking appearance due to its many beautiful different colors. The Mini Indian Corn is not edible and is only used for decoration. During autumn you see the Mini Indian Corn popping up more and more and it is widely used to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

Mini Indian corn2022-11-21T14:27:18+01:00
  • Mini pompoen Jack be Little

Mini pumpkin ‘Jack be little’


The pumpkin 'Jack be little' is, as the name suggests, a small pumpkin and is about the size of a fist. It is the smaller version of the classic Halloween pumpkin, has a beautiful deep orange color and is full of flavor. Thanks to their small size, these pumpkins are very remarkable and very tasty to fill or roast in its entirety.

Mini pumpkin ‘Jack be little’2024-04-19T14:31:55+02:00
  • Erwt aubergine

Pea eggplant


No, this is not a bunch of grapes! And not a bunch of peas either. These are very small eggplants. The taste is quite bitter and they can be eaten raw, but they are usually used in curries. It is a popular product in Thai, Lao and Indian cuisines.

Pea eggplant2022-08-02T11:36:24+02:00
  • Micro radish

Micro radish


These micro radishes are not only very nice to see, they are also very tasty! They are slightly spicy and edible from head to toe, including the foliage. They are available in red, white and white point.

Micro radish2024-01-25T13:08:12+01:00
  • Mini Eggplant

Mini eggplant


Mini eggplant may be small in size, but they're big in flavour! There is a purple variety, a purple-white striped variety (graffiti) and a green variety (Thai Green Tomato). Mini eggplants are great to fill with, for example, minced meat or vegetables.

Mini eggplant2021-10-01T11:16:09+02:00
  • Mini cauliflower and romanesco

Mini cauliflower and romanesco


Aren't these mini cauliflowers the cutest? After the leaves and trunk have been removed, you can use them to turn your simple meal into a fun, culinary twist. The taste is just like a normal cauliflower, but slightly sweeter.

Mini cauliflower and romanesco2023-01-10T08:30:44+01:00
  • Mini carrots

Mini carrot


Mini carrots are available in a variety of colours, such as orange, purple and yellow. It is a root vegetable that grows under the ground. You can recognize the carrot by the elongated, round stem which is about 10 to 12 centimetres long. Mini carrots have a sweet taste and a crunchy texture.

Mini carrot2023-02-28T11:53:52+01:00
  • Baby corn

Baby corn


Baby corn are the delicious, unripe cobs of the corn plant. The baby corn is harvested 1-2 days after the corn leaf appeared. The inside of the cob is not hardened yet, so you can eat the mini corn in a whole.

Baby corn2024-04-30T11:33:20+02:00
  • Bimi®



Bimi® or mini broccoli is a vegetable which is related to the well known broccoli. It is also called asparagus broccoli because of its sweet taste. It's the perfect dipping vegetable!

  • Mini-Zucchini

Mini zucchini


Due to their small size, this mini version of the zucchini has a beautiful, decorative appearance and a high 'cute factor'. Just like normal zucchini, the taste is quite neutral, but the mini variety tastes slightly softer. There is a round version available and a slim version. Their small size makes them ideal for preparing and eating whole.

Mini zucchini2023-03-29T07:53:28+02:00
  • Mini parsnip

Mini parsnip


The taste of the mini parsnip is a true delicacy. Intense, aromatic and sweet. This firm white root is nice and crunchy and can be prepared in countless ways.

Mini parsnip2023-02-28T11:27:45+01:00
  • Mini meirapen 2 vierkant

Mini turnip


Mini turnips are white-purple coloured round-shaped roots. The taste of this mini vegetables is powerful and sharp.  After cooking, the sharp taste decreases a bit.

Mini turnip2023-04-04T13:14:57+02:00
  • Mini fennel

Mini fennel


Mini fennel has a delicious, crunchy texture and an anise-like taste. It is a tasty and decorative mini vegetable. It belongs to the same family as celery, chervil, carrot and parsley: the umbellifers.

Mini fennel2023-02-28T11:44:15+01:00
  • Chiconettes



Chiconettes are small chicory heads with a rich flavor. Chiconettes owe their color to the fact that they are grown in the dark. Because light does not reach the leaves, the plant does not produce any green dye.

  • Mini cauliflower and romanesco

Mini cauliflower


Mini cauliflower is a smaller version of the regular cauliflower. The mini cauliflower is about the size of a billiard ball and has a wonderfully soft taste. They come in different colors and variants: purple, orange, white and romanesco!

Mini cauliflower2021-03-31T12:18:37+02:00
  • Mini kool

Mini cabbage


Mini cabbages are smaller versions of regular cabbage. Mini cabbage is very tasty and very decorative due to its small size. It is therefore nice to use the cabbages in a whole or halved. There are red, green and white cabbages.

Mini cabbage2023-03-01T15:53:01+01:00

Mini capsicum


These cute little peppers are the smaller versions of the larger blocky variety. They are a bit sweeter than the large variety. We have them in the green, red, orange and yellow colour!

Mini capsicum2023-02-28T11:50:56+01:00
  • Mini bietjes 500x500

Baby beet


The mini beet is the smaller version of a normal beet. Available in beautiful colors such as yellow, red and chioggia. Mini beets have a slightly finer structure than the normal version and the taste is somewhat stronger.

Baby beet2023-02-28T10:39:56+01:00
  • AAA---No-picture-yet

Baby asparagus white


Just like the green tip variety, the white asparagus tips is a baby asparagus. They have a delicious taste and a nice bite. In general, the stems are about 10 cm long. The advantage and at the same time the difference is that you hardly need to peel the asparagus.

Baby asparagus white2023-02-28T11:12:11+01:00
  • Mini artisjok 500px

Mini artichoke


Artichokes have a delicious, slightly bitter, nutty and soft taste. Unlike the greener varieties, they are edible in whole, which makes it a great product. In addition, the taste can be experienced as more intense, this often happens with mini vegetables because the taste is often spread over a smaller surface.

Mini artichoke2023-11-27T09:52:21+01:00
  • Mini Pak choi

Mini pak choi


Mini pak choi is the little brother of common pak choi and has soft, crunchy white stems and dark green leaves. The taste is fresh and fairly neutral with a pleasant bite. Mini pak choi tastes fantastic in Asian stir-fries.

Mini pak choi2024-04-30T11:35:53+02:00
  • Chantenay rainbow voorgrond kopiëren

Chantenay carrots


The Chantenay carrot has a delicious full flavour and a good bite. They can be recognized by the triangular shape, soft skin and bright colours.

Chantenay carrots2024-02-29T08:49:42+01:00
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