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Garlic fiesta!


April 19 is Garlic Day and what better way to celebrate this day than with... garlic! Over the years, this bulb full of character has found its way into various cuisines worldwide, from Mediterranean to Asian dishes. Garlic is loved by many for its versatility and aromatic character and is the basic seasoning for many dishes. One thing is for sure: Garlic adds a burst of flavour!

Garlic fiesta!2024-04-30T09:17:09+02:00

Celebrate Easter with chocolate!


It's spring! With Easter just around the corner, it's time to enjoy delicious food, quality time with family and friends and of course the tradition of hiding, searching and tasting... Easter chocolate eggs! Dark, white or milk, get ready for a chocolate overload! But do you know how chocolate is made? Let's explore the refined taste and creative possibilities of chocolate!

Celebrate Easter with chocolate!2024-03-29T07:28:48+01:00
  • Cress

Dive into the culinary world of micro greens!


Dive with us into the culinary world of micro greens; cresses, leaves and edible flowers. Surprising and inspiring what a big impact such a small ingredient can give to a dish. The bright colours, delicate structure and refined taste make it a treat for connoisseur and a joy to work with for chefs!

Dive into the culinary world of micro greens!2024-03-14T16:39:04+01:00

Let’s catch up!


The 31st edition of Fruit Logistica, the leading trade fair and the world’s most innovative, international meeting place for the global fresh produce industry, will take place in Berlin from February 7 to 9, 2024.

Let’s catch up!2024-03-14T16:26:15+01:00
  • Agrumi dItalia

Agrumi d’italia


Italy, the country of the tastiest pasta, olives, cheese, wine and... citrus! The Mediterranean coastline and mild climate provide ideal conditions for growing citrus fruits, earning Italy an iconic place on the map of citrus-producing countries.

Agrumi d’italia2024-01-04T13:55:51+01:00
  • Thanksgiving

Celebrate Thanksgiving with mushrooms!


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on and be grateful for all the good things in life. This of course includes a beautifully set table full of delicious traditional dishes to enjoy with friends and family. This year we're doing things a little differently and combining the classics with... mushrooms! Comfort food to the max!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with mushrooms!2023-11-20T07:49:40+01:00
  • Kito

Kito: The Golden Village of Yuzu


Hidden in the enchanting region of Kito, Japan, grows one of the best-kept secrets of Japanese cuisine: yuzu. With its seductive aroma and unique flavor profile, this special citrus fruit can rightly be called a miracle of mother nature. Get to know the authentic taste of Japan!

Kito: The Golden Village of Yuzu2023-11-13T16:28:15+01:00

Trick or treat!


Pumpkins, pumpkins and more... pumpkins! Halloween is just around the corner and of course pumpkin are unavoidable. Prepare magical and delicious pumpkin recipes, enjoy the beautiful colors and shapes of ornamental pumpkins or create your own Halloween work of art. Time to get creepy and unleash your creative mind! Check out our range of pumpkins here and celebrate Halloween with decorative pumpkins and tasty dishes with pumpkin in the leading role!

Trick or treat!2023-11-20T07:49:45+01:00

Will we see you at the Fruit Attraction?


From October 3 to 5, the 15th edition of Fruit Attraction will take place in IFEMA Madrid. Bud Holland will also participate again this year with a beautiful, large stand. And of course we hope to introduce you to our fresh & diverse range, so feel free to drop by our stand! Our team is ready for you! We can be found in Hall 10, stand 10C15.

Will we see you at the Fruit Attraction?2023-11-07T15:04:56+01:00

Tropical temptations: experience the magic of Indonesian fruits


The tropical climate makes Indonesia not only the perfect place for a winter escape, but also to grow an array of tropical fruits. In fact, some of these fruits grow nowhere else in the world. The widespread islands in the Indonesian archipelago ensure that many fruits are available year-round.

Tropical temptations: experience the magic of Indonesian fruits2023-11-07T15:06:05+01:00

Happy Easter!


Easter is just around the corner. Two days full of fun, looking for Easter eggs and enjoying delicious snacks and dishes together with friends and family at a festive brunch table. Let's make it a special Easter and choose colorful and tasteful food. Of course, the Easter bunny's favorite vegetable, the carrot, cannot be missed!

Happy Easter!2023-04-03T12:48:13+02:00

Will we see you at the Fruit Logistica?


The 30th edition of Fruit Logistica, the leading trade fair and the world's most innovative and international meeting place for the global fruit and vegetable sector, will take place in Berlin from 8 to 10 February 2023. Bud Holland will also participate this year with a beautiful new stand.

Will we see you at the Fruit Logistica?2022-12-12T12:34:43+01:00
  • Wanja

Vamos a Chile!


"My journey started in Requinoa, two hours south of Santiago. Here are the fields of our 'Champion' quinces. The orchard is located next to the Andes mountains and is divided into two parts. One suitable for Europe (larger fruits) and one for the USA (smaller fruits). A part of the trees for the European market is pruned before fruiting so that the remaining fruits get all the energy and therefore grow larger."

Vamos a Chile!2022-11-21T10:03:19+01:00
  • Thanksgiving

Get ready for Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and enjoying a delicious meal together. We take out the beautiful crockery, we set the table festively and go into the kitchen to prepare traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

Get ready for Thanksgiving!2022-11-17T15:16:04+01:00
  • Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween


Trick or Treat! The end of October is all about Halloween. Houses are decorated with spider webs and we see the hollowed-out pumpkins with carved faces at the front door again. Halloween is a traditional festival from Ireland which is celebrated annually and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. During Halloween, when it gets dark, the kids dress up around the houses for a trick or treat. View our range of pumpkins here and complete the Halloween party with ornamental pumpkins and tasty dishes with pumpkin in the lead!

Happy Halloween2022-10-17T12:27:02+02:00

Papayas as popular as ever


"The prices of papayas are a lot higher than a few years ago, according to Stefan Warbout of Bud Holland. "This is mainly due to the high air freight costs of recent times, which make the product a lot more expensive. Fortunately, we see that the demand does not decrease due to the higher prices, it remains the same or even increases slightly." Bud imports both the Golden papayas and Formosa papayas from Brazil and the so-called 'cooking papaya' from Thailand. This green, unripe papaya is not used as a fruit, but rather as a vegetable in Thai salads, such as Som Tum.

Papayas as popular as ever2022-10-14T10:47:54+02:00
  • Italiaanse specialties

Delicious specialties from Bella Italy


Imagine a fertile land with a coastline of 7,600 km caressed by the sea. The same seas that brought us the ancient peoples and traditions. A country that breathes thousands of years of history and where the sun shines all year round. The cradle of the Mediterranean diet. Where nature gives us generous tastes, smells and biodiversity: this is Italy. The season of delicious specialties from Bella Italia is here. Check out our range here and be inspired. Delizioso!

Delicious specialties from Bella Italy2022-10-13T09:34:58+02:00
  • Halafruit

Will we see you at the Fruit Attraction?


From October 4 to 6, the 14th edition of Fruit Attraction will take place in IFEMA Madrid. Bud Holland will also participate this year with a beautiful new stand. And of course we hope to introduce you to our fresh & diverse range, so feel free to drop by our stand! Our team is excited to meet you! You can find us in Hall 10, stand H01B.

Will we see you at the Fruit Attraction?2022-08-31T15:06:04+02:00
  • Sud N Sol

Sun-dried creations from Sud’n’Sol


In addition to our well-known sun-dried tomatoes from Sud'n'Sol, we now also have other sunbathed creations from Sud'n'Sol in our range. Sud'n'Sol products are only prepared with fresh, premium vegetables. They are carefully sliced, candied or grilled (or a combination of both techniques) and then blended with refined vegetable oils and fresh aromatic herbs with Mediterranean flavors. Enjoy the pure, authentic flavours, prepared in the South of France.

Sun-dried creations from Sud’n’Sol2022-06-10T08:10:46+02:00
  • Loods 400x300px

Bud Holland ‘IFS Food Level 7 Higher Level’ certified!


Bud Holland has again achieved the internationally recognized quality standard 'IFS Food Level 7 Higher Level' for next year. With a beautiful score of 98.10%, we are extremely proud and, moreover, grateful for everyone's efforts. Bud Holland customers can count on products of perfect quality every day of the year. The highly advanced ERP system also enables Bud Holland to guarantee the traceability and food safety of the products.

Bud Holland ‘IFS Food Level 7 Higher Level’ certified!2021-12-14T08:23:03+01:00
  • Fermenting is hot!

Fermenting is HOT!


White garlic bulbs, yellow onions and limes are placed in the oven for 3 weeks and fermented through a carefully controlled heating process. Due to this fermentation process, the sugars and amino acids form melanoidin, which makes the products black and soft. The heating process releases more healthy antioxidants. Its soft, jelly-like texture and rich taste make it great to eat as an ingredient or simply as a healthy snack.

Fermenting is HOT!2021-11-26T11:17:55+01:00
  • Clean kiwi

Clean Kiwis on their way!


If everything goes according to plan, we will receive the first Clean Kiwis next Monday. The sizes are a bit disappointing this year, which means that we will not receive large sizes, but mainly the sizes 27, 30 and 33. Fortunately, the quality and taste are no less! Both the plant and the fruit of this kiwi variety are untreated.

Clean Kiwis on their way!2021-11-25T14:06:13+01:00
  • Wanja-micro-radijs

New in our range: micro and rainbow radish!


"A few weeks ago we have expanded our range with rainbow radish and micro radish." says Wanja Engbergen. "These colorful radishes can really brighten up the plate and shelf and are very tasty. The radishes are sown and harvested by experienced people at our grower. Then the radishes are bunched by hand so that we can be sure that the quality is perfect and the radish arrives undamaged at our customers."

New in our range: micro and rainbow radish!2021-08-23T16:02:32+02:00
  • Kiwano

New Zealand kiwano’s arrived


This week, kiwano's from New Zealand have arrived at the Bud Holland warehouse. It does not happen very often anymore that this exotic is flown in, because in general kiwanos are brought in from more nearby countries.

New Zealand kiwano’s arrived2021-05-27T10:29:25+02:00
  • Jeroen

From tomatoes to exotics


The question what exactly happened to those tomatoes from the Westland greenhouses that Jeroen Arkesteijn picked during his secondary school years, prompted him to choose a business administration study and to further delve into logistics,fruit and vegetables.

From tomatoes to exotics2021-01-28T14:56:47+01:00
  • Figs

“Black fig is on the rise in South America”


In mid-October, the first black figs came back on the market from Peru. They are gradually replacing Turkish Bursa figs in the European market as that season comes to an end. This ensures a limited supply of figs until mid-November. After that, Brazil will also come back on the scene.

“Black fig is on the rise in South America”2021-01-28T14:04:21+01:00
  • Wasabi

Fresh Wasabi


Chilipepers zijn de hoeksteen van de Peruaanse keuken. Chef-koks gebruiken ze niet alleen om pit aan een gerecht te geven, maar ook om die typisch Peruaanse smaak te benadrukken. Peru heeft meer dan 300 verschillende soorten chilipepers.

Fresh Wasabi2021-01-28T13:06:55+01:00
  • Figs

Peruvian black figs conquer Europe


The Brazilian and Peruvian fig seasons began in early November, which was later than last year. “We had already been at it for a month at this time last year. Now we have just started”, says Edwin Janssen of Bud Holland.

Peruvian black figs conquer Europe2021-01-28T10:00:03+01:00
  • Fruit-Logistica-koken

A review on the Fruit Logistica


3,077 exhibitors. 75,000 visitors. Airplanes, cars and busses full of enthusiastic fruit and vegetables and visitors from all over the world visit the Messe Berlin every year to provide themselves with an inspiration overdose, new contacts or to provide others with new ideas.

A review on the Fruit Logistica2021-01-28T09:45:01+01:00
  • Peru Special

Peru Specialties


Chili peppers are the cornerstone of Peruvian cuisine. Chefs do not only use chilli peppers to give heat to a dish, but also to accentuate that typical Peruvian taste. Peru has more than 300 different types of chili peppers. They are commonly used in ceviche and they’re also great for salsas, chili and other fish dishes. We made a selection of the best and most tasteful!

Peru Specialties2021-01-28T09:32:34+01:00
  • Groene kokos

Ever wondered what a coconut farm looks like?


Swaying coconut palms as far as the eye can see, stacks of shiny green coconuts and bins full of coconut 'houses'. In Thailand, green, young coconuts are stripped of their green bark to create a little white coconut "house". How does it work? We'll show you in this video!

Ever wondered what a coconut farm looks like?2021-01-28T09:18:40+01:00
  • sweet potato fries

Crispy sweet potato fries


Everyone who has ever made sweet potato fries, knows how hard it is to make them cripsy. Mushy sweet potato fries make us sad. Luckily, our sweet potato supplier in the USA knows the answer and is willing to share it with us! :-)

Crispy sweet potato fries2021-01-28T13:51:12+01:00
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