• Sorrento-500px

Sorrento tomatoes


Sorrento tomatoes, also known as "pomodori di Sorrento," are a special type of tomato originating from the region around the city of Sorrento, located in the province of Naples in Italy. These tomatoes are famous for their unique taste, texture, and versatility in the kitchen. Sorrento tomatoes are usually large and have a characteristic, slightly ribbed shape. The flavor of Sorrento tomatoes is intensely sweet with a hint of acidity, making them particularly suitable for both raw and cooked dishes. Their flesh is firm and juicy, with few seeds.

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  • Lemonsnack 500px

Lemon Snack


This new lemon snack brings together the best of both worlds: the refreshing taste of lemon and the nutritious properties of the peel. With its smaller size and milder acidity, it makes a delicious snack. The edible peel has a sweet-sour taste. But this Lemon Snack is not only suitable as a snack. It's a versatile fruit whose juice and peel can be used in various dishes.

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  • Witte ui

White Onions


The white onion has a white skin and is white on the inside. A white onion has a slightly sharper taste than a yellow onion, but is still slightly sweeter. It is also very juicy and crunchy.

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  • pomodoro-piennolo

Pomodoro del Piennolo


Pomodoro del Piennolo are tomatoes with character and are grown according to traditional methods in the Campania region! The climate and rich lava soil of the Vesuvius volcano provide the perfect growing conditions for these sun worshipers and give them a unique flavor profile. Taste the authentic flavour of Italy!

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  • Amalfi lemon

Limoncello lemons


The Limoncello lemon has a number of valuable characteristics. In addition to its tasty juice and slightly acidic pulp, the lemon is very popular for its edible peel, which is due to the absence of chemical treatment. These lemons are harvested with a small part of the branch, which keeps the fruit extra fresh. Due to its intense aroma and abundance of essential oils and terpenes, this lemon is very suitable for making Limoncello liqueur.

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  • etrog



This gigantic lemon is very special! Etrog lemons are sometimes 5 times larger than normal lemons. The distinctive thick skin is yellow and fragrant with a thick white mesocarp underneath and the flesh is light green. Etrog plays an important ritual role in the Jewish feast of tabernacles.

  • Bergamot



Bergamot is also known under the name ‘’lucky fruit’’. It is a crossing between a lemon and a bitter orange. The pulp of this citrus fruit has a calming and uplifting effect. It is therefore not surprising that this Italian citrus fruit is often used in perfumes, but also in the well-known Earl Gray tea. The citrus fruit gets its name from the place where it comes from: the Italian city of Bergamo.

  • Tarocco bloedsinaasappel

Tarocco blood orange


The Tarocco blood orange is a beautiful orange with delicious juicy sweet flesh inside which is slightly red-colored. They are practically seedless and the thin skin makes them easy to peel.

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  • Witte Romanesco

White romanesco


In addition to the well-known green romanesco, there is also a beautiful white variant. This white-colored cabbage variety has a wonderfully soft taste and has received the nickname "tower cauliflower" because of all the small, beautiful towers.

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  • Raddichio Rosa

Raddichio Rosa


This beautiful pink lettuce is from Italy and is related to radicchio lettuce. Raddichio Rosa has the same characteristic, slightly bitter taste as the other radicchio varieties, but tastes a bit sweeter. Its a beautiful eye-catcher on your plate!

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  • Rode-kiwi

Red kiwi


A kiwi, but slightly different. This kiwi has a surprise inside. When you cut the kiwi, a beautiful red heart appears, which gives this fruit a unique character. Like her green buddy, it's a real vitamin bomb and a delicious, sweet snack. The skin is slightly lighter and smoother and the taste has an exotic touch.

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  • Mandared



Mandared is a special citrus fruit with soft, sweet-sour and red-tinted flesh. The skin has a beautiful orange-red colour. The more the fruit ripens on the tree, the more the red glow emerges!

  • Moro blood orange

Moro blood orange


These beautiful oranges have a nice red blush and the flesh has a beautiful red colour. The most delicious blood oranges come from Sicily and are also called Moros. They only grow there on the fertile slopes of the Etna volcano.

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  • Bitter orange

Bitter orange


This orange bitter variety is similar to the sweet variety but with a complete different taste. The pulp of the orange is like the name already suggests very bitter. Fun fact: essential oils are extracted from the blossom of bitter orange that are used in perfumes, cola and liqueur.

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Amalfi lemon


This world famous lemon is grown in the Amalfi region of Italy and is known as the most aromatic lemon in the world! The Amalfi lemon is sweeter than a regular lemon and has an untreated, edible skin, which is why it's the perfect lemon for an authentic Limoncello.

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  • Red Moon® apple

Red Moon® apple


Besides its beautiful, crunchy outside, the inside is, as the name suggests… red! The red colouring of the pulp comes from the so-called anthocyanins, these are organic red pigments that also occur in other fruits with antioxidant effect. When you cut the apple in halve, you can discover a white, butterfly-like shape in the red flesh. A spectacular apple, simply from mother nature herself!

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  • Prickly pear

Prickly pear


Desert fig, barbary pear, fig of Barbary or just: prickly pear. This fruit grows on the cactus variety Opuntia Ficus Indica.

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  • Kiwi

Kiwi Green


The green kiwi is a true healthy and tasty fruit. Besides that they come in a very convenient size that you can easily put in your pocket.

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  • Gele kiwi

Kiwi Gold


The kiwi gold is a delicious fruit with a unique sweet taste. Like her green friend it’s a true vitamine bomb and a perfect fruit for when you have a break. And what makes it truly special is that you can eat it with its skin!

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  • Tatsoi



Tatsoi is one of the little brothers of pak choi, but with light green stems and round, dark green leaves.

  • Monk's beard

Monk’s beard


Monk’s beard is also called Barba di Frata , the Italian translation of monk’s beard. Monk’s beard has a delicious, salty taste and grows in salty marshes along the Mediterranean Sea.

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  • Truffel



The truffle might be the most delicious product which has been produced by nature. This delicacy is extremely rare and is known for its intense aroma and flavour. The truffle cannot be cultivated and only grows in the wild at underground tree roots where a symbiosis occurs: the perfect circumstances for growing truffles.

  • Peperoncino

Pepperoncino pepper


Pepperoncino is simply the Italian translation of the word chili pepper. The Italian peppers are quite hot and score 15.000 to 30.000 on the Scoville scale. The annual Pepperoncino festival is held every year in the Calbric town of Diamante! Ten thousand people come in the town and there is a food competition where the person wins, who have eaten the most pepperoncino.

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  • Tropea ui

Tropea onion


Tropea onions are considered as the most delicious type of red onions in the world. It is a beautiful red onion with an oval shape. The onion tastes wonderfully sweet and has a strong aroma. They can be found in Italian city of Tropea, where many shops display braids of red onions. The Tropea jelly has become a popular souvenir, it tastes great on bruschetta!

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  • Sweet onion

Sweet onion


This sweet onion has a beautiful light yellow skin. As the name implies, these onions are less strong and slightly sweeter than other types of onions.

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  • Boretana uien

Borettane onion


The Borettane onion has a flat, oval shape. Compared to other onions, the Borettane onion tastes less sharp and more excuisite. It is an ancient, Italian type of onion, which originated in the town of Boretto, a small village on the Po river.

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  • Daikon



Daikon is an Asian oversized radish. Daikon has a mild taste and is less sharp than other radish varieties.

  • Lamb's lettuce

Lamb’s lettuce


Lamb’s lettuce used to grow among the grain, hence the name lamb’s lettuce. For a long time, people thought it was a type of weed, but luckily they eventually discovered that these fine, green leaves are very tasty. The cheerful leaves are light to dark green and the flavour is mild.

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  • treviso

Treviso Precoce


This beautiful vegetable is related to radicchio and therefore, it has the same characteristic slightly bitter taste.

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  • Treviso Tardivo

Treviso Tardivo


Treviso Tardivo is characterized by a rosette of long narrow leaves with a wide white midrib and a narrow leaf at the top.

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  • Rucola Baby leaves

Rocket salad


In recent years, rocket salad has conquered many cuisines worldwide. Although it was not that long ago that rocket salad was unknown, it is now indispensable for many people. Rocket salad is a delicious, peppery, leafy vegetable with a powerful flavour.

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  • Red Mustard baby leaves

Red Mustard baby leaves


Red mustard leaves bring a powerful mustard flavour. The lettuce is usually eaten raw and can be recognized by its red-green coloured leaves.

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  • Mizuna lettuce

Mizuna baby leaves


This delicious, Japanese leafy vegetable has a slightly peppery flavour and consists of thinly frilled leaves. Mizuna baby leaves come in red and green.

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  • Kale baby leaves

Kale baby leaves


This is the “baby” variety of kale. It has beautiful, fine leaves and the taste of this baby kale is wonderfully fresh and slightly spicy. Although kale has the reputation of a winter vegetable, this baby variety is also great for summer salads!

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  • Mesclun

Mesclun baby leaves


Mesclun is a delicious mix of different types of lettuce which are early harvested. Mesclun is Latin for “mixture”. The lettuce mix mainly contains American and Japanese varieties.

Mesclun baby leaves2023-02-15T10:39:43+01:00
  • Bull's Blood

Bulls blood baby leaves


Bulls Blood is a beautiful type of lettuce with deep red-purple leaves. It is actually the leaf of a Bulls Blood beet. The taste is sweet-bitter and slightly earthy. Because of its beautiful colour, this colorful lettuce variety is great to combine with green leaves.

Bulls blood baby leaves2023-02-27T16:50:32+01:00
  • Baby spinach

Baby spinach


These little spinach baby leaves are deliciously tender and have a strong flavour. Despite its small size, it contains many nutrients. No wonder Popeye became so strong! Did you know that Popeye ensured that spinach sales increased by 30%?

Baby spinach2023-02-07T14:36:19+01:00
  • Castelfranco



This type of lettuce originated from a mix between red chicory and endive. It is a lettuce looking vegetable which is very decorative. The leaves are beautiful green to red coloured and have red-pink “splashes”.

  • Green cauliflower

Green cauliflower


In addition to the normal white cauliflower, there are also colored varieties such as purple, orange and green cauliflower. Green cauliflower is a wonderful variety that will stimulate your senses!The green cauliflower has a slightly stronger taste.

Green cauliflower2024-04-30T11:35:04+02:00
  • Romanesco



Romanesco is a delicious yellow-green coloured type of cabbage. The flavour is softer than the normal white cauliflower. This cabbage has received the nickname “tower cauliflower” because of the small, beautiful towers.

  • Cimi di Rapa

Cime di rapa


Cime di rapa is a delicious, Mediterranean vegetable which looks like broccoli and also is related to turnip greens. In Italy they occur mostly in the Apulia region. Cime di rapa has a bitter flavour and most of the time it is combined in Italy with Orecchiette and pesto.

Cime di rapa2023-10-24T14:16:31+02:00
  • Cavolo nero

Cavolo Nero


This delicious type of cabbage is originally from the Toscano region in Italy. The leaves of the Cavolo Nero are small, wrinkly and have a dark green colour. The taste of this vegetable is comparable to kale, but sweeter.

Cavolo Nero2024-04-30T11:35:13+02:00
  • Cauliflower purple

Purple cauliflower


There are multiple colours of cauliflower on the market nowadays. Not only the traditional white cauliflower is popular, on the contrary: orange, purple and green cauliflowers are also getting attention. Purple cauliflower is a beautiful variety which triggers the human senses. The flavour is milder, sweeter and more creamier than the traditional white cauliflower.

Purple cauliflower2024-04-30T11:38:15+02:00
  • Orange cauliflower

Orange cauliflower


There are multiple colours of cauliflower on the market nowadays. Not only the traditional white cauliflower is popular, on the contrary: orange, purple and green cauliflowers are also getting attention. Orange cauliflower is a beautiful variety which triggers the human senses. The orange colour arises because the presence of carotene in the ground. The orange variety has a deep orange colour and the florets have a sweeter flavour.

Orange cauliflower2024-04-30T11:38:18+02:00
  • Puntarelle



Puntarelle is a happy looking vegetable which is recognisable by long shaped, thin leaves attached to a white stem. The flavour could be descripted as nutty and bitter. Puntarelle is a vegetable with own instructions, but definitely worth it!

  • Swiss chard

Swiss chard


The flavour of this vegetable is a delicious mix of spinach and red beetroots. De stems are coloured in the colours of the rainbow. The leaves are green and the nerves have the same colour as the stem.

Swiss chard2023-02-15T12:42:35+01:00
  • Borlotti bonen

Borlotti beans


These festive, pink-speckled beans are a real treat to the eye. But the taste is also fantastic, sweet and nutty, They are loved in Italy and are used in pasta, risotto and salads.

Borlotti beans2024-06-10T11:26:07+02:00
  • Carob



Carobs are the pods of the carob tree. The pods are quite special since they harden and dry quickly. Carob got a sweet flavour and after it has been roasted or crunched, it can be added to a dish. Back in the days carob was eaten as a delicacy for poor people. Nowadays it is used in syrup or alcoholic drinks.

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