• Ponthier Abrikoos

Ponthier fruit purees – Bergeron Apricot


The Rhone Valley is traditionally a grand purveyor of apricots. Maison Ponthier selected the Bergeron apricot which comes from the Rhone Valley, the perfect terroir for this variety. The Bergeron variety produces apricots with a fabulous flavour: tangy, fleshy, tasty, soft and fragrant. In the orchards of our partner farmers, the harvest is entirely done by hand in several stages, ensuring the fruit we receive is at the peak of ripeness, loaded with sugar.

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  • Ponthier Ananas

Ponthier fruit purees – Pineapple


Maison Ponthier chose Costa Rica for its pineapples. Pineapples grow mainly in hot countries in the southern hemisphere. Farming this tropical fruit requires unique expertise. The plant must be fertilised then harvested at the right time to guarantee the flavour. The pineapples grown for PONTHIER have a great many qualities: high sugar content, no acidity, sunny yellow colour, a fruity flavour and a fibrous texture exactly like the fresh fruit.

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  • Ponthier Banaan

Ponthier fruit purees – Banana


Maison Ponthier has chosen Ecuadorian bananas as this country has the ideal climate for this fruit to flourish. The banana has 7 ripening stages. This means that we can contractually define at which precise stage of ripeness we buy the fruit to preserve its texture and colour. In PONTHIER banana purée, you will find the delicious and generous flavour of the fresh fruit as well as its length on the palate and its thick texture.

Ponthier fruit purees – Banana2021-03-24T15:21:29+01:00
  • Ponthier Bergamot

Ponthier fruit purees – Bergamot Lemon


The bergamot is the acidic citrus fruit of the Bergamot tree, a hybrid of lime and bitter orange. A small tree three to four metres tall, the bergamot enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate and its fresh, tangy notes evoke the terroir of the Riviera. The best bergamot come from southern Italy, where 95% of world production naturally occurs.

Ponthier fruit purees – Bergamot Lemon2021-03-24T15:22:07+01:00
  • Ponthier Citroen

Ponthier fruit purees – Lemon


Maison Ponthier lemon purée is obtained by extracting the juice and removing the fibres. Sicilian lemons are selected for their distinct high quality. The volcanic island of Sicily, encircled by mountains, is a very fertile terroir to grow citrus fruit. The island's mountains mostly comprise tertiary land, known as "Trubi" or "sandy marls", where the soil is rich in chalk, minerals and fine yellow sand. This well-drained soil is ideal terrain for citrus groves. Moreover, the mountains abound with small streams which provide a steady supply of water. The naturally sunny climate of the island also contributes to the fine quality of Sicilian fruit, since continuous sunshine is essential for citrus fruit to mature correctly.

Ponthier fruit purees – Lemon2021-03-24T15:22:41+01:00
  • Ponthier Limoen

Ponthier fruit purees – Lime


The lime is a tropical citrus fruit from the lime tree, which belongs to the Rutaceae family. Its rind is thin and smooth, dark green in colour, the essence it contains is aromatic and its greenish flesh is juicy and acidic. Its acidity means it is used to prepare fish tartares, ceviches and carpaccios. Highly sensitive to cold temperatures, limes are only grown in a tropical climate.

Ponthier fruit purees – Lime2021-03-24T15:23:50+01:00
  • Ponthier Cranberry

Ponthier fruit purees – Cranberry


Maison Ponthier chose a variety of cranberry that is grown in Canada, the birthplace of this fruit along with the northern states of America. The PONTHIER teams selected a farm close to the lakes where the cranberries enjoy their best allies: sand, water, sun and cool weather. The harvested fruit are a beautiful ruby colour, very firm and dense flesh, a slightly tangy flavour and a very fruity aroma.

Ponthier fruit purees – Cranberry2021-03-24T15:24:22+01:00
  • Ponthier Cactusvijg

Ponthier fruit purees – Prickly Pear


Mexican prickly pears are different because of their sweet flavour and the astonishing ruby colour of their flesh. Prickly pears have the best resistance to drought, with over 1,000 varieties inventoried in regions where rain is rare. The plant has long, round and flat paddle-like branches covered with spines. In season, it produces beautiful flowers that become oval fruit, 5 to 10cm long.

Ponthier fruit purees – Prickly Pear2021-03-24T15:24:54+01:00
  • Ponthier Exotisch Fruit

Ponthier fruit purees – Exotic fruit


For its exotic fruit purée and coulis, Maison Ponthier combines 4 rigorously selected fruits: pure Flavicarpa passion fruit from Ecuador, pure Alphonso mango from India (Ratnagiri), pure banana from Ecuador and pure lime from Mexico. In this combination purée the taste of each fruit is clear: the tangy flavour of passion fruit, the creaminess of mango, the delicious fragrance of banana and the enhancing acidity of lime.

Ponthier fruit purees – Exotic fruit2021-03-24T15:25:32+01:00
  • Ponthier Rood Fruit

Ponthier fruit purees – Red fruits


The red fruit puree and coulis are made with 4 berries and currants, selected with the greatest care. The blackcurrants come from Burgundy where this fruit has a fabulous farming tradition. The recipe includes Morello cherries from Oblacinska giving the puree and the coulis a delicious colour and great tang. Finally It also has Camarosa and Senga Senga strawberries, synonymous with freshness and sweetness.

Ponthier fruit purees – Red fruits2021-03-24T15:27:30+01:00
  • Ponthier Guave

Ponthier fruit purees – Guava


Madagascar and South Africa offer all the specific characteristics the guava tree needs to bloom: sunlight and rich, volcanic soil that is well drained. While the guava tree may grow easily in tropical climates, it produces a fragile fruit which requires great expertise in cultivation methods. Maison Ponthier teams select guavas that have ripened on the tree and offer a juicy, tangy fruit with a musky scent. The fruit is fresh and firm, as a high-quality guava should be.

Ponthier fruit purees – Guava2021-03-24T15:27:57+01:00
  • Ponthier Granaatappel

Ponthier fruit purees – Pomegranate


Maison Ponthier has chosen to procure this fruit from "Pomegranate Valley" in Turkey the pomegranate's native country, and Sicily with its volcanic soils. An apple-shaped autumn fruit, the pomegranate is made up of many small translucent seeds that are very juicy and ruby red in colour. This is why PONTHIER's purée has the mouth-watering bright colour and the sweet, tangy flavour of the best pomegranate varieties.

Ponthier fruit purees – Pomegranate2021-03-24T15:28:26+01:00
  • Ponthier Rode bes

Ponthier fruit purees – Redcurrant


The redcurrant has its origins in central Europe and has a high resistance to cold weather. So Maison Ponthier travels to Poland, the second largest redcurrant producer after Russia, to select the fruit for its redcurrant purée. These little Polish red berries are particularly juicy and refreshing, with a very tangy flavour. The seeds of the fruit are carefully removed during production of PONTHIER's purée, so it only contains the soft fruit flesh with no trace of bitterness.

Ponthier fruit purees – Redcurrant2021-03-24T15:28:58+01:00
  • Ponthier Calamansi

Ponthier fruit purees – Calamondin Kalamansi


Originally from south-east Asia, the kalamansi is a very small citrus fruit, two to three centimetres in diameter. Vietnam, where high plains and mountains cover two-thirds of the land, is ideal for the Calamondin. A hybrid between the mandarin orange and the kumquat, the kalamansi has a wide range of flavours. Sweet, sharp and aromatic, it evokes mandarin orange, bitter orange, lime and pink grapefruit. More fragile than other citrus fruits, its skin is so thin and delicate that the fruit must be cut from the tree by hand.

Ponthier fruit purees – Calamondin Kalamansi2021-03-24T15:29:29+01:00
  • Ponthier Lychee

Ponthier fruit purees – Lychee


The lychees selected by Maison Ponthier are harvested from old trees situated in the region of Toamasina, on the east coast of the island. Toamasina’s land is favourable for lychee crops: an orange, very rich soil and a tropical climate marked by heavy rains during the southern winter and high temperatures during the rest of the year. Following harvest, the fruit is selected according to very strict specifications. Each bunch is then carefully peeled by hand in order to preserve all the qualities of this particularly soft and fragile flesh, with flavours of rose and muscat.

Ponthier fruit purees – Lychee2021-03-24T15:30:08+01:00
  • Ponthier Mandarijn

Ponthier fruit purees – Mandarin


The volcanic island of Sicily, encircled by mountains, is a very fertile terroir to grow citrus fruit. It gives some of the best quality mandarin oranges, fresh and vibrant, produced according to local tradition. Drenched in sunshine, the fruit is particularly flavourful with a powerful aroma and bright colour, offering balanced acidity and slight bitterness in flavour. Sicilian mandarin oranges, with their many qualities, have been selected to illustrate the Slow Food Foundation's biodiversity initiatives.

Ponthier fruit purees – Mandarin2024-04-30T14:15:48+02:00
  • Ponthier Bramen

Ponthier fruit purees – Blackberry


Blackberry purée is made with farmed blackberries, sweeter and softer than the wild fruit. Selected for their fruity and tangy flavour, these blackberries grown in the plains of Serbia are also even in size with a dark ruby-tinted colour. At full ripeness, these juicy berries are very fragile and our partner farmer hand-picks them in several stages to ensure we only use berries at the peak of ripeness therefore with the greatest flavour.

Ponthier fruit purees – Blackberry2024-04-30T14:11:23+02:00
  • Ponthier blauwe bes

Ponthier fruit purees – Blueberry


Maison Ponthier has chosen a blueberry with a fragrant taste, slightly sweet and tangy. Its juicy and soft flesh gives the purée a fresh, floral and woody flavour. The fragrance and blue-black colour are typical of this delicious little berry. The blueberry is fragile and must be hand-picked intact with no bruises, often using a special comb.

Ponthier fruit purees – Blueberry2024-04-30T14:08:57+02:00
  • Ponthier Kokos

Ponthier fruit purees – Coconut


Maison Ponthier offers a second purée, of coconut, with a particularly creamy and smooth texture. Cultivated at the equator in Indonesia, the coconuts used to produce this purée are only selected if their flesh is perfectly healthy and fresh. With its gourmand flavour, long finish and immaculate glacier-white colour, this coconut purée is a delight for lovers of this fruit.

Ponthier fruit purees – Coconut2024-04-30T14:06:57+02:00
  • Ponthier Bloedsinaasappel

Ponthier fruit purees – Blood Orange


Maison Ponthier has selected balanced and flavourful blood oranges grown in a superbly fertile environment of volcanic soils encircled by mountains. The orange trees that grow there are abundantly laden with fruit. Moreover, the mountains abound with small streams which provide a steady supply of water and allow the growth of healthy trees. The naturally sunny climate of the island also contributes to the fine quality of Sicilian fruit, since continuous sunshine is essential for citrus fruit to mature correctly.

Ponthier fruit purees – Blood Orange2024-04-30T14:04:11+02:00
  • Ponthier Sinaasappel

Ponthier fruit purees – Valencia Orange


The volcanic island of Sicily, encircled by mountains, is a very fertile terroir for growing oranges. The orange trees that grow there are abundantly laden with fruit. Moreover, the mountains abound with small streams which provide a steady supply of water and allow the growth of healthy trees. The naturally sunny climate of the island also contributes to the fine quality of Sicilian oranges and gives the Ponthier purée a fresh and vibrant fragrance.

Ponthier fruit purees – Valencia Orange2024-04-30T14:02:03+02:00
  • Ponthier Roze grapefruit

Ponthier fruit purees – Pink Grapefruit


The Texas pink grapefruit is known for its beautiful ruby colour, indicative of naturally high sugar content. In this region, the days blaze with sunshine and the evenings are freshened by a light tropical breeze. Winters are mild and provide just enough fresh air to revive the fruit's beautiful colour. Texas grapefruit are left to ripen on the tree and are hand-picked to ensure a high quality fruit.

Ponthier fruit purees – Pink Grapefruit2021-03-24T15:34:45+01:00
  • Ponthier witte perzik

Ponthier fruit purees – White Peach


Maison Ponthier sources white peaches from the Rhone Valley. Peach trees bloom best in this region, thanks to the warm, temperate climate, high rate of sunshine and well-drained soils. The white peaches selected offer excellent taste quality, white and fragrant flesh that is both sweet and slightly tart. The pink around the stone gives Maison Ponthier white peach purée its bright, fresh colour.

Ponthier fruit purees – White Peach2024-04-30T13:54:14+02:00
  • Ponthier Granny Smith

Ponthier fruit purees – Granny Smith Green Apple


Maison Ponthier specifically selected a Granny Smith apple grown at 400 metres altitude at the foot of Mont d'Or. The lower alpine soils, deep and fertile, provide alluvial and colluvial qualities ideal for growing fruit. The very sunny climate of south-eastern France gives Granny Smith apples their tangy, juicy and fragrant character. You can recognise Granny Smith apples from Haute Provence through their freshness: firm flesh, crisp and tangy, thick bright green skin, shiny and smooth with no dark marks.

Ponthier fruit purees – Granny Smith Green Apple2024-04-30T12:02:47+02:00
  • Ponthier Sudachi

Ponthier fruit purees – Sudachi


The sudachi is an exotic citrus fruit with green peel and intense and refreshing aromas. Sudachis are very small, with a diameter of just 4cm. This round fruit has particularly pulpy flesh. Used in particular for seasoning fish or preparing fresh drinks and sorbets, this small citrus fruit offers an entirely new thirst-quenching and spicy note.

Ponthier fruit purees – Sudachi2024-04-30T12:00:56+02:00
  • Ponthier Yuzu

Ponthier fruit purees – Yuzu


Originally, yuzu trees grew upstream of the Yangtze River in China and were first planted in Japan 1,300 years ago. Today, Japan is the largest producer and consumer of yuzu. The country’s geography and great temperature differences have made Japanese yuzu the most aromatic of all. Japan’s mountainous regions, where rainfall is abundant and sunshine limited, are ideal for growing yuzu. It is not widely farmed because of its yield, the most unpredictable of all citrus. Its rarity increases its value and it remains highly sought-after for its fragrance and flavour, both powerful.

Ponthier fruit purees – Yuzu2024-04-30T11:58:57+02:00
  • Ponthier gele paprika

Ponthier fruit purees – Yellow Pepper


The word pepper describes both the fruit and the plant. We recognise the pepper in its bright colour and soft, fragrant, juicy and sweet flesh. When ripened on the plant, the yellow pepper becomes red. Requiring a great deal of sunshine and hot weather, the variety chosen to produce PONTHIER purée appreciates areas where the soil is drained and rich in humus. These areas naturally produce thriving, big peppers.

Ponthier fruit purees – Yellow Pepper2024-04-30T11:32:14+02:00
  • Ponthier rode paprika

Ponthier fruit purees – Red Pepper


From the Solanaceae family, grown as a kitchen garden vegetable the red pepper is a sweet pepper picked fully ripened. Maison Ponthier has selected a mid-early variety of bell pepper. It offers beautiful crisp vegetables with intense flavour, bright colour and melt-in-the-mouth texture. The flavour of these peppers is perfect for all types of dishes.

Ponthier fruit purees – Red Pepper2024-04-30T11:29:25+02:00
  • Ponthier biet

Ponthier fruit purees – Red Beetroot


Maison Ponthier has selected a particularly high-quality variety of red beetroot from France, characterised by its thin skin and juicy flesh with aromatic flavour. It enjoys a moderately humid climate with sunshine and light, fresh, deep soil rich in humus. The terroir allows the vegetable to develop a fleshy root and sweet, delicate taste.

Ponthier fruit purees – Red Beetroot2024-04-30T11:26:33+02:00
  • Acai Berry

Ponthier fruit purees – Acai Berry


This tiny purple, almost black, berry grows primarily on marshlands and comes from an elegant and exclusively South American palm tree. Its preferred region is still the Amazon Basin, the most biodiverse forest in the world. Maison Ponthier turned to this unique and singular ecosystem to select the highest-quality acai berries. Acai is used primarily for creating “Acai Bowls” and smoothies, a health trend loved by foodies and vegans for its fresh and balanced recipes.

Ponthier fruit purees – Acai Berry2024-04-30T11:24:59+02:00
  • Ponthier Guanabana

Ponthier fruit purees – Guanabana (Soursop)


In the Vavatenina district of Madagascar, soursop trees flourish and bear fruit almost all year round, even though the peak season is between June and August. They are cultivated by small-scale growers, whose plantations are never larger than 100 feet. Ponthier soursop purée is produced from the delicious, fleshy pulp of the fruit, which is beautifully white in colour. To produce the purée, the soursops must first be peeled, which is a difficult, technical operation due to the rough rind and prickly spines on the surface of the fruit. The inedible black seeds are also removed before the fruit is processed.

Ponthier fruit purees – Guanabana (Soursop)2024-04-30T11:22:48+02:00
  • Ponthier Mango

Ponthier fruit purees – Alphonso Mango


To produce its purée, Maison Ponthier has selected the prestigious Alphonso mango from Ratnagiri. Mangoes from this region are known for being among the best in the world and the Alphonso is the most popular among dozens of other varieties. The coastal region of Ratnagiri guarantees an excellent quality of fruit thanks to a high level of humidity and soil that is both acidic and rocky. At Strict control of the mangoes’ Brix level allows for harvest at full ripeness.

Ponthier fruit purees – Alphonso Mango2024-04-30T11:20:12+02:00
  • Ponthier Framboos

Ponthier fruit purees – Raspberry


Maison Ponthier has chosen to combine two varieties of raspberry to obtain a taste both intense and perfectly balanced. The Willamette offers its pronounced and tangy fragrance with a high Brix rate, while the Mecker brings its full-bodied flavour.

Ponthier fruit purees – Raspberry2022-06-13T11:35:11+02:00
  • Ponthier Rabarber

Ponthier fruit purees – Red Rhubarb Raspberry


Maison Ponthier has selected the Frambosa variety of rhubarb with red stalks. It is particularly sweet, tart and rich in fibre. Cultivated in black soil in the south of Poland, situated at 300m to 500m of altitude and offering a spring continental climate, this rhubarb is freshly harvested at ripeness. Its leaves are then gently removed and it is cut below the leaves and above the uprooted section so that its petioles are not damaged or brown.

Ponthier fruit purees – Red Rhubarb Raspberry2022-06-13T11:31:34+02:00
  • Ponthier Passiefruit

Ponthier fruit purees – Flavicarpa Passion fruit


More precisely, our passion fruits come mainly from the province of Esmeraldaz on the north-west coast of Ecuador. This region is also called the "Green Province" because of the abundant vegetation and brilliant gems that the Spaniards thought they would find there.

Ponthier fruit purees – Flavicarpa Passion fruit2022-06-13T11:31:19+02:00
  • Ponthier Mirabelle plum

Ponthier fruit purees – Mirabelle Plum


Maison Ponthier has chosen a Mirabelle plum that has been awarded the Protected Geographical Indication label. Maison Ponthier's partner farmers must respect very strict specifications to receive this label.

Ponthier fruit purees – Mirabelle Plum2022-06-13T11:26:38+02:00
  • Ponthier Cassis

Ponthier fruit purees – Cassis


Maison Ponthier chilled blackcurrant purée combines two renowned varieties of blackcurrant, Noir de Bourgogne and Black Down. The Noir de Bourgogne variety is known for its smooth, shiny skin coloured dark blue to licorice black and its firm, particularly juicy and tart berries.

Ponthier fruit purees – Cassis2022-06-13T11:23:16+02:00
  • Ponthier Aardbei

Ponthier fruit purees – Strawberry


Maison Ponthier offers a strawberry purée combining the Camarossa and Mara des Bois varieties. The Mara des Bois strawberry selected by Maison Ponthier, grown in France (Dordogne or Rhone Valley).

Ponthier fruit purees – Strawberry2022-06-13T11:22:47+02:00
  • Ponthier Mojito

Ponthier fruit purees – Mojito


Ponthier Mojito purée faithfully reproduces the classic recipe of this well-known cocktail. You can taste the familiar freshness of tangy lime blended with strong mint undertones.

Ponthier fruit purees – Mojito2022-06-13T11:22:18+02:00
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