Ponthier fruitmousse cake

This velvety soft and fruity cake is baked by Judith. Sophia Loren once said: 'Good food is a celebration of life'. Judith wholeheartedly agrees with her. Celebrate life with this delicious Ponthier fruitmousse cake! 

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Filocups with goat cheese and quince chutney

Om zo uit de hand te eten is de kweepeer niet aan te raden. Maar wanneer je deze geelgroene peer verwarmt verandert het harde, zure vruchtvlees in een heerlijk ingrediënt voor zoete én hartige gerechten. Maak er eens een heerlijke kweepeerchutney van! 

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Crown Prince pumpkin soup

The color of this pumpkin may be a bit grayish, but the inside is definitely not! The bright orange flesh has a delicious sweet taste and a long shelf life. Roasting the pumpkin in the oven will make it extra sweet! Crown Prince pumpkins owe their royal name to the round crown on the underside.

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BUD Holland imports huge volumes of products. Yet all orders are delivered exactly as agreed: in the right quantities and in the right type of packaging. Under climate conditions which of course meet the requirements of each individual product.


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