• Talpa Shoots

Talpa Shoots


Talpa Shoots has a slight bitterness come to mind straight away but with a sweet and savoury hint and can be used as a garnish, in salads, with fish or crustaceans. The slightly bitter flavour complements modern and traditional cuisines. Talpa Shoots can be used as a whole and are suitable for various applications.

Talpa Shoots2024-02-27T15:57:02+01:00
  • Feather Tops

Feather Tops


Feather Tops has a fresh anise taste with a hint of liquorice and a slight hint of mint. The crunchy stems have the same flavour but with a more earthy taste.

Feather Tops2024-02-27T15:56:08+01:00
  • shiitake



Until recently, this Japanese mushroom only grew on fallen tree trunks in the forests of Japan, but nowadays they are cultivated. The shiitake is a delicious mushroom with a thin stem and a flat head. The taste is very rich, you can taste hints of chestnut and garlic. The texture is creamy and fleshy.

  • Blueberries



Blueberries are small, round and juicy berries that belong to the heather family. The deep blue to purple berries are known for their sweet, slightly sour taste and nutritional value. They are delicious as a topping for breakfast cereals, yogurt, pancakes, or in smoothies. They are also often used in baking recipes, such as muffins, cakes and jams.

  • Sweet-peeper

Sweet Peeper


Sweet Peeper has a high creative value. Due to its good bite in combination with the long-lasting, simple, dry, and bittersweet taste it will take dishes to the next level.

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  • Maror Shoots

Morar Shoots


Morar Shoots offer a warming sharp and subtle sweet flavor with a beautiful and strong, wasabi-like aftertaste. These shoots have a sturdy, juicy stem with delicate, yellow-white leaves at the tip.

Morar Shoots2024-04-19T14:18:27+02:00
  • Paarse ridderzwam

Wood blewit


Wood blewit is a striking mushroom with a unique appearance, characterized by a beautiful purple colour on the stem. Besides their distinctive look, these mushrooms are also appreciated for their firm texture and subtle nutty flavour.

Wood blewit2024-06-03T12:24:34+02:00
  • Champignon

Button mushroom


The classic mushroom is a populair ingredient in many kitchens. With its bright white colour, firm flesh and mild earthy flavour, this mushroom can be used in a variety of recipes.

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  • Kastanje champignon

Chestnut button mushroom


Chestnut button mushrooms are very similar in structure and shape to white button mushrooms, but they have a slightly more intense nutty flavour and a light brown colour. These mushrooms are just as versatile as white button mushrooms and can be used in the same way.

Chestnut button mushroom2024-06-03T11:07:15+02:00
  • Tahu

Smoked tahu


Tahu is known as a meat substitute. It has a high protein content and the fat content is very low. Smoked tahu contains less moisture than normal tahu and of course it has a delicious smoky flavour. Because of this smoky taste, it is often used as a vegetarian substitute for bacon, smoked sausage or smoked chicken. Tahu is made from soy milk.

Smoked tahu2023-06-01T07:15:48+02:00
  • Pruikzwam

Lion’s Mane mushroom (Pom Pom Blanc)


Lion's Mane Mushroom, also known by its French name Pom Pom Blanc, has a bright white to creamy white color with a striking and characteristic appearance. They are recognizable by the numerous long, soft hairs that cover the spherical body. In appearance, they resemble cheerleader pompoms, hence the name Pom Pom Blanc. The texture is soft and fleshy with a mild flavor, making it a versatile ingredient suitable for various dishes.

Lion’s Mane mushroom (Pom Pom Blanc)2024-05-02T11:16:04+02:00
  • Oesterzwam geel

Yellow oyster mushroom


Striking and unique in its kind! This yellow oyster mushroom not only adds a colorful touch to your plate but also brings a light sweetness to your dish. With its distinctive scent, subtle fruity flavor notes, and striking appearance, this is a flavorful addition to dishes!

Yellow oyster mushroom2024-05-02T10:06:26+02:00
  • Oesterzwam

Oyster mushroom


Oyster mushrooms are versatile flavor enhancers! Due to their meaty cap, they are often used as meat substitutes, but also because of their versatility and delightful slightly sweet taste with a nutty undertone, they are a popular ingredient in many dishes.

Oyster mushroom2024-05-02T10:14:37+02:00
  • Voorjaarspronkridderzwam St George

St. George’s Mushroom


The St. George's Mushroom is a fleshy white to cream-colored mushroom with a beautiful pattern of spores under its convex cap. This mushroom only grows in spring.

St. George’s Mushroom2024-05-02T11:07:41+02:00
  • Mini patty pan groen en geel

Mini patty pan


Mini patty pan can be recognized by its flat shape with scalloped edges. This mini variety is a member of the cucumber family and is a fruit which is used as a vegetable. The neutral taste makes the mini patty pan a true friend to all and its unique appearance with cheerful color makes it a real eye-catcher on your plate.

Mini patty pan2023-04-24T10:24:59+02:00
  • Yka Leaves

Yka Leaves®


Yka Leaves® is the name for an edible leaf. Yka Leaves have a robust, acidic flavour with a slightly sweet undertone. With their deep purple colour and delicate markings, they are extremely decorative.

Yka Leaves®2024-04-30T11:11:18+02:00
  • Kaffir lime leaves

Kaffir Lime Leaves


Kaffir Lime Leaves are the leaves of the... How surprising... Kaffir lime! These shiny, dark green leaves grow together in leaf pairs, with a larger and smaller leaf. The leaves are often very finely chopped and used in dishes or stewed and removed before eating.

Kaffir Lime Leaves2024-06-10T13:05:57+02:00
  • Sierpompoen

Ornamental pumpkins


Ornamental pumpkins (or ornamental fruit or ornamental gourds) is a plant species that comes from the cucumber family and, as the name suggests, is not edible. Of course they are very nice as decoration in the house or at the front door. In the fall you see them popping up everywhere and they are also widely used as decoration for the Halloween party. The ornamental pumpkins are available in many different shapes, colors and sizes.

Ornamental pumpkins2024-04-19T14:52:33+02:00
  • Poblano

Poblano pepper


This chilli originates from Mexico and has a delicious subtly spicy taste, making it good to use in all kinds of dishes. The appearance of the Poblano pepper is somewhat like a mini bell pepper, but then spicy. The Poblano pepper owes its name to the area where they originally come from, Puebla Mexico. In Mexican cuisine, this is an important ingredient for the traditional mole sauce.

Poblano pepper2024-06-04T10:03:46+02:00
  • Verse gember

Fresh ginger


This fresh ginger is grown in the Netherlands. The fact that it's not dried, like regular ginger, makes it quite special. Besides its great look, this ginger is juicier and very tasteful. By leaving a piece of the stem attached, it will stay fresh longer. The stems give a lot of flavor to soups and sauces.

Fresh ginger2023-08-29T09:46:41+02:00
  • Naga jolokia los

Naga Jolokia


The Naga Jolokia, also known as the Ghost pepper or Bhut Jolokia, ranks as one of the hottest peppers in the world on the Scoville scale. The pepper is believed to come from Nagaland, a state of India, and is named after a venomous snake from the region.

Naga Jolokia2022-08-18T13:33:56+02:00
  • Wasabi flowers

Wasabi flowers


The Japanese eat almost every part of the wasabi plant, including the wasabi flowers. Wasabi flowers are small, cross-shaped white flowers that bloom from fall into early summer. They are decorative and tasteful. Each flower stem has both open and new, closed flower buds. Both the stem and the flowers have the unique wasabi flavor; slightly sweet with a slightly sharp aftertaste.

Wasabi flowers2022-03-28T09:50:22+02:00
  • Witpunt rainbow radijs

White tip rainbow radish


The white tip radish is an oval-shaped, crunchy and spicy root. The taste is peppery and the structure is firm and juicy. The radish is called white tip because the root which changes color from red-pink to white.

White tip rainbow radish2022-01-28T09:21:11+01:00
  • Black onions

Black onion


Meet black garlic's sister, black onion. For this, yellow onions are placed in ovens for weeks. The result is a black, fermented onion bursting with healthy properties. Unique and soft in taste, creamy in texture. The taste is best described as: subtle hints of soy, balsamic and raisins. This makes black onion a delicious delicacy.

Black onion2022-06-28T11:02:11+02:00
  • Rainbow radish

Rainbow radish


A feast for the eye and for the mouth, these rainbow radishes. Pink, white and purple, perfectly round radishes with velvety, green leaves. The white variety is slightly spicier than the red and purple variety. Did you know that you can also finely chop the radish leaves and use them in a salad?

Rainbow radish2024-04-30T11:12:11+02:00
  • Micro radish

Micro radish


These micro radishes are not only very nice to see, they are also very tasty! They are slightly spicy and edible from head to toe, including the foliage. They are available in red, white and white point.

Micro radish2024-01-25T13:08:12+01:00
  • Wasabi leaves

Wasabi leaves


Wasabi leaf is a large, heart-shaped leaf with a mild spicy wasabi flavour. Thinly sliced wasabi leaf, marinated with ponzu sauce makes creates a rich, bold, citrus salad. Wasabi leaf is popular in Japan and is often baked in tempura batter or stir-fried.

Wasabi leaves2024-06-10T13:05:51+02:00
  • wasabi stems

Wasabi stems


Wasabi stems are the long, thin stems that sit between the wasabi rhizome and the leaves. They have a nice, mild-sharp wasabi taste. They have a crunchy bite.

Wasabi stems2024-06-10T13:05:40+02:00
  • Sansho Kinome Leaves

Kinome Leaves


Kinome is the young leaf of the Sansho (prickly ash tree). It has a fresh flavour which reminds of citrus fruits, yuzu and kaffir lime. This freshness is combined with peppery and spicy notes.Moreover, it numbs the tongue, just like szechuan peppers do. This numbing effect is caused by a confusion in the nerves called 'sanshools'.

Kinome Leaves2024-01-25T11:27:27+01:00
  • Zalotti Blossom

Zallotti Blossom


Zallotti Blossom is a decorative sprig with several small purple flowers. It comes from the African basil plant and has a strong flavour of basil combined with mint. It is very decorative in its entirety and when the individual flowers are used.

Zallotti Blossom2024-01-25T11:28:10+01:00
  • Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover


For when you like taste and beautifulness. To surprise, amaze and creating atmosphere. The Lucky Clover has a fresh, sour apple flavour and the texture of the leaf is soft.

Lucky Clover2024-01-25T11:27:47+01:00
  • Citra Leaves

Citra Leaves®


The leaf is decorative and silver-coloured on the inside. Citra Leaves have a bold, sour citrus taste. It's reminiscent of Granny Smith apples or light citrus. The sour taste is present in both the leaf and the stem.

Citra Leaves®2024-01-25T11:28:16+01:00
  • Loomi



Loomi is a small lime that is cooked in brine until rock hard. This gives them an intense citrus flavor, but with an earthy and smoky undertone. Loomi is a staple of Iranian cuisine. It is widely used by world-renowned chef Yotan Ottolenghi.

  • Sea lavendar

Sea lavender


Sea lavender belongs to the sea vegetable. This plant cannot survive without salt water. A delicious salty vegetable, which goes well with fish dishes. They are also called sea aster.

Sea lavender2023-04-06T07:57:49+02:00
  • Mini shanghai pack choi

Shanghai pak choi


Shanghai pak choi is a Chinese leafy vegetable and is related to the Chinese cabbage and can be used raw and cooked. Ideal for Asian wok meals, for example with salmon and sweet and sour sauce.

Shanghai pak choi2024-04-30T11:12:46+02:00
  • Red onions

Red Onions


Do you prefer a slightly milder onion? Get yourself a red onion. This onion is crunchy, slightly sweet and has a bitter aftertaste. They cause fewer tears while cutting and have a less intense odor after eating.

Red Onions2022-06-28T10:59:40+02:00
  • yellow onion

Yellow Onions


The onion, like leeks, garlic and chives, belongs to the onion family. The yellow onion has a golden, yellow skin and is white inside. The flesh is firm and has a spicy taste.

Yellow Onions2022-06-28T11:03:10+02:00
  • Wakame



Wakamé is also known as sea fern and has an olive green to brown color, with a rubbery, long and smooth single leaves with wavy edges. The sea vegetable can grow up to two meters high. Wakamé is often processed into a delicious Japanese seaweed salad.

  • Gekleurde-rettich

Coloured radish


Colored radish is native to China and is 5 centimeters bigger than the regular radish. The radish is white on the outside, but on the inside it can be red, blue, green, pink or pink-green. The pink-green variety is also called watermelon radish.

Coloured radish2024-04-04T13:02:18+02:00
  • Salty Fingers

Salty Fingers®


Salty Fingers® is the name for an edible leaf. Salty Fingers is a decorative, but tasty ingredient. The crunchy texture and salty, slightly bitter taste are a valuable addition to the salty products.

Salty Fingers®2024-01-25T10:40:21+01:00
  • Shiso Green

Shiso Green


In Japan, there is actually no fish dish without Shiso. The taste of this plant belongs to raw fish. It fits very well on a plateau of cheese, in a salad and on a sandwich. As fresh tuna fish is widely available,

Shiso Green2024-01-25T10:40:50+01:00
  • Shiso purple

Shiso Purple


Shiso Purple is the most popular product in the assortment and a culinair bestseller. The unique taste is slightly reminiscent of cumin.

Shiso Purple2024-02-27T16:05:11+01:00
  • Tahoon Cress

Tahoon® Cress


The seeds have a very strong beechnut taste, which comes back in the young plants of Tahoon® Cress. The taste sticks on your tongue for a long time.

Tahoon® Cress2024-01-25T10:43:15+01:00
  • Micro Sun Shoots

Micro Sun Shoots


For a smile on a vegetable smoothie. For more flavour in a stew. Micro Sun Shoots have a nutty taste with a soft bite.

Micro Sun Shoots2021-05-31T14:15:18+02:00
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