Roots and tubers

  • Naigamo

Iron yam


The Iron yam is a fairly light, crunchy root from the yam family. The yam is especially popular for the sticky, slimy liquid that comes out of the yam. In Japan they call this fairly tasteless liquid “tororo” and it is used to give dishes a slimy texture.

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  • Lotus roots

Lotus root


You may know lotus flowers as the beautiful flowers floating on the water. These flowers and leaves grow from the lotus root that lies at the bottom of the water. The taste is a bit like potato, but a bit sweeter. The lotus root is super decorative because a beautiful pattern of air chambers appears when cut.

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  • Burdock



Burdock is a loved ingredient in the Japanese and Korean cuisine. They are elongated roots that can grow up to one meter long! The taste of burdock is sweet, crunchy and spicy. In Japan, people do not peel the carrot, but cut it into slices.

  • Koreaanse radijs

Korean radish


Korean radish is crunchy, juicy and sweet. The taste is similar to that of daikon. Korean radishes are generally short and firm, with a light green-yellow tint halfway up the top. They are often diced and pickled or made into a twist on traditional kimchi.

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  • Ginseng



Ginseng has been known in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries for its health benefits and medicinal properties. Ginseng is a precious root. Cultivation requires a lot of expertise and patience. Ginseng only grows on a certain type of humus-rich soil and must be grown in the shade.

  • Verse gember

Fresh ginger


This fresh ginger is grown in the Netherlands. The fact that it's not dried, like regular ginger, makes it quite special. Besides its great look, this ginger is juicier and very tasteful. By leaving a piece of the stem attached, it will stay fresh longer. The stems give a lot of flavor to soups and sauces.

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  • Witpunt rainbow radijs

White tip rainbow radish


The white tip radish is an oval-shaped, crunchy and spicy root. The taste is peppery and the structure is firm and juicy. The radish is called white tip because the root which changes color from red-pink to white.

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  • Rainbow radish

Rainbow radish


A feast for the eye and for the mouth, these rainbow radishes. Pink, white and purple, perfectly round radishes with velvety, green leaves. The white variety is slightly spicier than the red and purple variety. Did you know that you can also finely chop the radish leaves and use them in a salad?

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  • Oca



This beautiful tuber has a sweet taste and a low starch content. This gives a less starchy texture than normal potatoes. Oca is very versatile, so it can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Fresh oca has a crispy texture that is comparable to carrots. Oca can be white, orange, red, pink and purple of colour.

  • Mashua



Mashua are tubers that can be eaten boiled or used in soups. Due to their sharp taste, they are not suitable to eat in a raw condition. Mashua tubers are available in different shapes and colours. The potatoes are very goodlooking; creamy white to yellow with pink to dark purple eyes.

  • Salicornia



Salicornia (also called samphire) is a crunchy sea vegetable. The taste is salty and also resembles spinach. The plants grow in salt swamps, on beaches and between mangroves.

  • Yam 2

Puna Yam


Puna Yams are often confused with sweet potatoes, but in reality they are not even remotely related. Yams are tubers that grow mainly on the African continent and have a slightly sweet and starchy taste. Raw yams are slightly poisonous. Fortunately, that problem is quickly resolved when they are heated and you can eat this delicious vegetable without any problems.

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  • Gekleurde-rettich

Coloured radish


Colored radish is native to China and is 5 centimeters bigger than the regular radish. The radish is white on the outside, but on the inside it can be red, blue, green, pink or pink-green. The pink-green variety is also called watermelon radish.

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  • Olluco



This beautiful tuber has a sweet taste and low starch level. This gives it a less starchy texture than potatoes. Oca is very versatile, so it can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Fresh oca has a crunchy texture that is comparable to carrot. The finger shaped tubers can be white, orange, red, pink and purple.

  • Krachai



Krachai is related to ginger and galanga roots. The flavour of krachai is slightly sweet and spicy with a crunchy structure. It is also known by other names, such as Thai ginger, tropical ginger or fingerroot.

  • Helianthus



This thin tuber is the little brother of the Jerusalem artichoke and comes from the sunflower family. The tuber is therefore also referred as a solar root. Helianthus can be eaten raw, cooked or baked and tastes slightly sweet and nutty.

  • Sugar cane

Sugar cane


Sugar cane is a very special type of grass, which received his name due to the stems, which tastes as sugar. Dutch explorers were therefore surprised when they came in contact with this cane and called it honey without the need of bees. It looks like bamboo.

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  • Daikon



Daikon is an Asian oversized radish. Daikon has a mild taste and is less sharp than other radish varieties.

  • Gekleurde-peen-heel

Colourful carrots


Did you know that carrots exist in all kinds of colours? Besides the well-known variety, there are also white, purple, black, red, and yellow carrots for a colourful plate!

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  • Yacon



This delicious, fresh tuber variety has a taste that slightly resembles to apple or melon. It was already eaten by the Incas for its many healthy qualities.

  • Wasabi



This sharp and spicy root is popular in countries such as Germany and Great-Britain, but is now gaining popularity in other countries. It is often confused with horse radish because they got a comparable feeling of mustard-like heat. Unlike chillies, the heat from wasabi and horseradish does not linger for very long.

  • Salsify



Salsify are a real delicacy! For years salsify was considered as a forgotten vegetable. But nowadays this “poor people asparagus” is making its way back on the menu.

  • black radish

Black radish


This forgotten vegetable is black on the outside and beautifully bright white on the inside. Black radish is similar to white tip radish but milder and a bit mustard like. Black radish is one of the oldest cultivated crops.

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  • White tip radish

White tip radish


The white tip radish is an oval-shaped, crunchy and spicy root. The taste is peppery and the structure is firm and juicy. The radish is called white tip because the root which changes color from red-pink to white.

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  • Peterseliewortel_

Parsley root


The parsley root is a type of parsley with a thick, edible root and is a root vegetable. Parsley is known as a culinary herb, but it is only grown for the large, white root and not for the leaves. The taste is a bit similar to the parsnip. Parsley root is a typical “forgotten vegetable", which is quite strange, because it is a tasty vegetable.

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  • Parsnips



Parsnip is a delicious, firm carrot. The taste of parsnip is a true delicacy. Intense, aromatic and sweet. Parsnip has a flavour which resembles a combination of fennel and carrot.

  • Horse radish

Horse radish


This sharp and spicy root is popular in countries such as Germany and Great-Britain and is gaining popularity in more countries. It is often confused with the wasabi root because they give off a similar feeling of mustard-like heat. Unlike chilies, the heat from wasabi and horseradish doesn't stay very long.

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  • Chervil bulbs

Chervil root


Chervil root is a vegetable which is often indicated as a 'forgotten vegetable'. In any case, we have not forgotten this delicious vegetable with a delicious, sweet chestnut flavour. Chervil roots are great for stews or purees.

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  • Eddo



Eddo is the root of a tropical plant from the taro family. It has a firm skin and looks like a hairy potato. The taste of the eddo is similar to a potato and is often described as nutty. Eddo can't be eaten row because its slightly poisonous. But the taste is absolutely worth cooking, baking, frying or steaming first.

  • Crosne



At first glance, these uniquely shaped tubers may not seem very attractive. They look like maggots… But don't let the shape fool you, because they are incredibly tasty.

  • Cassave



Cassava is a large edible root. Cassava is also known by the names of tapioca, manioc or yucca. The flavour can be compared to a potato. In addition, they have in common that both contain a lot of starch.

  • Jerusalem artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes


Jerusalem artichokes are known for their sweet and nutty flavour which reminds of artichokes and oysters! Jerusalem artichokes are a delicious substitute for potatoes.

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  • Turmeric



For centuries, Turmeric has been known by many cuisines for its beneficial effects and delicious taste. In all those years turmeric has received a lot of nicknames. From kurkuma to yellow carrot or magic carrot from the east. An important characteristic is that turmeric has a slightly bitter, earthy taste and it leaves a beautiful yellow colour to dishes.

  • meirapen



This bulbous tuber is about the same size of an apple. Turnip is a true spring vegetable.

  • Ijspegels

White icicle


When you see these elongated radishes, it's not surprising that the name of this vegetable is “icicles”. This radish variety resembles a small variety of the radish. White icicles taste slightly milder than radishes and the foliage is also edible.

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  • Galanga



Galanga is the little brother of the ginger root. This white-yellow to light pink rhizome is also known as Laos. Galanga is wonderfully fresh, citrus-like, spicy and less sharp than ginger and smells like pine trees.

  • Ginger



Ginger is an indispensable part of the world kitchen today. The fresh, sharp and unique taste gives body to many dishes! Ginger is a tuber, extracted from the rhizome of the ginger plant.

  • Forono beet

Forono beet


The Forono beet is a delicious, slightly sweet beet, which is appreciated for its special taste. The Forono beet has an elongated and cylindrical shape.

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  • Crapaudine beet

Crapaudine beet


The Crapaudine primeval beet is the name of an elongated tuber with a rough bark. The beet was already eaten in the Middle Ages and is an ancestor of many beet varieties that emerged later. The taste is more powerful and earthy than any other beetroot variety.

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  • Beetroots



Beetroots are freshly sweet with a typical earthy taste. Beetroots come in two varieties: summer beets and winter beets. Summer beets are smaller. Beets exists in numerous beautiful colours such as red, white, yellow and chioggia (white with pink circles).

  • Cooked beets

Cooked beets


Beets are also called beetroot and are freshly sweet with a typical earthy taste. Peeling and cooking beets can be a time-consuming job. Fortunately, there is a solution for this: ready-to-eat beets.This way, a healthy dish is on the table in no-time!

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  • Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes


Although the name might suggest otherwise, this delicious, sweet tuber is not a "real" potato. Sweet potatoes come in many colors and varieties. There are, for example, purple, white, orange and red sweet potatoes. It is a popular and important crop worldwide and extremely versatile.

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  • Lemon grass

Lemon Grass


Lemon grass is an indispensable vegetable in the Asian cuisine. Lemon grass is a white, yellow stem which has a fresh sour, lemony flavour.

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