• Yuzu



Yuzu is a citrus fruit with a bumpy skin, which contains an aromatic taste and thus gives beautiful accents to dishes. The most famous use of Yuzu is the Japanese Ponzu sauce. Yuzu is also used for bathing during cold winter months. The peel then gives off a wonderful aroma and warmth that would reduce the cold and relax the mind. This is called yuzuyu.

  • shiitake



Until recently, this Japanese mushroom only grew on fallen tree trunks in the forests of Japan, but nowadays they are cultivated. The shiitake is a delicious mushroom with a thin stem and a flat head. The taste is very rich, you can taste hints of chestnut and garlic. The texture is creamy and fleshy.

  • Halloween pompoen

Pumpkin ‘Jack o’lantern’ (Halloween)


The pumpkin 'Jack o'lantern' is a medium-sized, round pumpkin with a beautiful deep orange color. This pumpkin is used as the Halloween pumpkin. By hollowing out the pumpkin and carve out a scary face with a sharp knife, you can easily create the perfect lantern for on your doorstep. A must have for the annual traditional Halloween party!

Pumpkin ‘Jack o’lantern’ (Halloween)2023-10-26T14:08:57+02:00
  • Mini patty pan groen en geel

Mini patty pan


Mini patty pan can be recognized by its flat shape with scalloped edges. This mini variety is a member of the cucumber family and is a fruit which is used as a vegetable. The neutral taste makes the mini patty pan a true friend to all and its unique appearance with cheerful color makes it a real eye-catcher on your plate.

Mini patty pan2023-04-24T10:24:59+02:00
  • Poblano

Poblano pepper


This chilli originates from Mexico and has a delicious subtly spicy taste, making it good to use in all kinds of dishes. The appearance of the Poblano pepper is somewhat like a mini bell pepper, but then spicy. The Poblano pepper owes its name to the area where they originally come from, Puebla Mexico. In Mexican cuisine, this is an important ingredient for the traditional mole sauce.

Poblano pepper2022-08-25T12:40:06+02:00
  • Naga jolokia los

Naga Jolokia


The Naga Jolokia, also known as the Ghost pepper or Bhut Jolokia, ranks as one of the hottest peppers in the world on the Scoville scale. The pepper is believed to come from Nagaland, a state of India, and is named after a venomous snake from the region.

Naga Jolokia2022-08-18T13:33:56+02:00



These young, light green stems have a crunchy texture and a nice fresh taste. Celery can be eaten raw, but is also often used in soup and sauce. Heating celery makes it softer in taste and structure.

  • Cocktail avocado 2

Cocktail avocado


The avocado cocktail is a mini variety of the regular avocado and has creamy flesh and a nutty taste. Unlike regular avocados, the skin is edible and has no pit, which makes this avocado cocktail ideal for fancy snacks!

Cocktail avocado2023-02-09T12:30:26+01:00
  • Steamed Sweet Potato

Steamed sweet potato


This halved sweet potato is steamed and vacuum packed, preserving all vitamins, nutritional values and flavour. They only need 2 minutes in the microwave or 10 minutes in the oven.

Steamed sweet potato2022-01-28T08:25:37+01:00
  • Sharonfruit

Sharon fruit


Sharon fruit is a cheerful, orange fruit with sweet, juicy flesh and a fairly firm skin. It's a brother of kaki fruit, but flatter. However, you can only eat kaki fruit when the fruit is nicely ripened, but you don't have to wait for that with sharon fruit, they are always delicious! Sharon fruit also looks a bit like an orange tomato, but with a taste that resembles an apricot or mango.

Sharon fruit2022-08-23T09:37:30+02:00
  • Snowball melon

Snowball melon


The Snowball melon is a white melon with lime green stripes and dots. It has a delicious, sweet, honey-like taste with a hint of juicy pears and firm, snow-white flesh.

Snowball melon2021-10-01T11:15:07+02:00
  • Mispels



The medlar is the name for both the fruit and the woody shrub on which the medlar grows. The twigs of the shrubs are often winding and the ironic French saying sounds: “as straight as an old medlar twig”. The fruit is full of vitamin C and is also good for digestion.

  • Mini shanghai pack choi

Shanghai pak choi


Shanghai pak choi is a Chinese leafy vegetable and is related to the Chinese cabbage and can be used raw and cooked. Ideal for Asian wok meals, for example with salmon and sweet and sour sauce.

Shanghai pak choi2023-10-23T12:04:43+02:00
  • Pitahaya

Red white pitahaya


This beautiful, scaly cactus fruit is one of the pitahaya brothers; also called “dragon fruit”. The inside of the pitahaya consist of white, slightly sweet and aromatic pulp. The seeds provide a tasty, crunchy texture.

Red white pitahaya2023-02-28T13:40:09+01:00
  • Pitahaya-red-red

Red pitahaya


This beautiful, scaly cactus fruit is one of the pitahaya brothers; also called “dragon fruit”. The inside of the pitahaya consist of red, slightly sweet and aromatic pulp. The seeds provide a tasty, crunchy texture.

Red pitahaya2023-02-28T13:58:42+01:00

Mini capsicum


These cute little peppers are the smaller versions of the larger blocky variety. They are a bit sweeter than the large variety. We have them in the green, red, orange and yellow colour!

Mini capsicum2023-02-28T11:50:56+01:00
  • kumquats



Kumquats are small citrus fruits that can be eaten in whole even the skin! The taste of the skin is sweet, slightly bitter and is delicious in combination with the sour pulp. Cut them into slices for a salad or eat them as a healthy snack.

  • Grapefruit



Grapefruit is a cross between a grapefruit and an pomelo. For those who appreciate a bit of bitterness, the grapefruit is a delicious piece of fruit. The citrus fruit has a yellow to orange-coloured skin with a pink blush and the flesh is red, pink or white.

  • Choco sinaasappel

Choco orange


A chocolate orange? Yes… But don't expect a chocolate flavour. This special and delicious orange owns its name to its dark colour. The skin of this orange is more brown than a normal orange. It is a delicious navel orange with a very sweet taste and wonderfully juicy.

Choco orange2023-02-15T12:39:55+01:00
  • Cara cara sinaasappel

Cara cara orange


The cara cara orange is in first instance like a normal orange fruit. But when you cut the fruit in halve a delighted, soft pink colour appears. The orange is sweet and taste more complex than a normal orange.

Cara cara orange2023-12-01T15:20:43+01:00
  • Tomatillo



The tomatillo is also called Mexican earth cherry. The round, large berry is surounded by a dried, straw-yellow, paper-like cup.

  • Kaki



Kaki is a cheerful orange fruit with sweet, juicy flesh and a fairly firm skin. In appearance, kaki fruit look a bit like orange tomatoes, but with a taste that is like an apricot or mango.

  • Cherimoya



Strawberries with whipped cream, pineapple, banana and even raspberry... As you can see, one can't exactly agree on the taste. However, it’s almost impossible to argue about the fact that this heart-shaped fruit is absolutely delicious!

  • Avocado



The immensely popular avocado with its creamy flesh and slightly nut-like taste is a true friend to everyone. But it sometimes takes a while before you can enjoy this pleasure . Fortunately, we have Readylicious® avocados. These avocados are delicious from right away. They are ready to eat and therefor to enjoy today. That's because they have been grown, transported and pampered according to our Ripe & Ready concept.

  • Kabocha pumpkin

Kabocha pumpkin


As far as we're concerned, the tastiest pumpkin from our range! The pumpkin is deep orange inside, and has a dark green skin with light green stripes. The taste is often compared to sweet chestnut but without the structure of sweet chestnut. The pumpkin is sweet and creamy.

Kabocha pumpkin2023-10-13T07:37:15+02:00
  • Butternut squash

Butternut squash


This bottle-shaped pumpkin tastes wonderfully sweet and nutty. The pumpkin is beautiful orange and has soft flesh on the inside.

Butternut squash2023-01-10T08:32:49+01:00



Wosun is also called “celtuce” or “stem lettuce” . The leaf of the stem lettuce is firm and slightly bitter. The taste of the stems is a bit like celery or lettuce. The structure is of a firm cucumber without the seeds and the colour is beautiful translucent green.

  • Mini Pak choi

Mini pak choi


Mini pak choi is the little brother of common pak choi and has soft, crunchy white stems and dark green leaves. The taste is fresh and fairly neutral with a pleasant bite. Mini pak choi tastes fantastic in Asian stir-fries.

Mini pak choi2023-03-29T11:41:34+02:00
  • Paksoi wit

Pak choi


This Asian leafy vegetable has a nice fresh, but slightly spicy taste and a good bite. It is exactly this bite what makes this vegetable so popular and multifunctional. You can stir-fry , cook or stew the pak choi , but you can also grill it on the barbeque.

Pak choi2023-01-24T10:44:30+01:00
  • Kailan



Kailan is also known as Chinese broccoli. The leaves are glossy blue-green and the stems are thick. The inflorescence and taste is similar to broccoli, but the taste is stronger and more bitter.

  • Choi Sam

Choi Sam


This green leafy vegetable has a crunchy, fresh and juicy structure. This Chinese vegetable is related to pak choi, but slightly more spicy. The vegetable is easy to prepare.

Choi Sam2023-09-19T16:02:12+02:00
  • Truffel



The truffle might be the most delicious product which has been produced by nature. This delicacy is extremely rare and is known for its intense aroma and flavour. The truffle cannot be cultivated and only grows in the wild at underground tree roots where a symbiosis occurs: the perfect circumstances for growing truffles.

  • Pied de Mouton

Pied de Mouton


Pied de Mouton is also known as “sheep feet” and are wild mushrooms with a fleshy cap and a thick stem. The mushroom has a natural shape with soft spines at the bottom of the hat.

Pied de Mouton2023-04-11T16:55:42+02:00
  • No picture yet

Serenade chili peppers


Serenade chili peppers are tasty, slightly sweet peppers with a strong skin. It doesn't score very high on the Scoville scale, so it's a true friend to everyone.

Serenade chili peppers2023-02-06T15:29:51+01:00
  • Serrano

Serrano chilli


Serrano peppers can be red, brown or yellow. But the most common variety is green. Serrano peppers are similar to Jalapeno peppers. The chillies are crunchy and have a sharp taste. They are significantly hotter than Jalapeño.

Serrano chilli2023-01-24T11:08:49+01:00
  • Jalapeño groen



The Jalapeño pepper is a slightly spicy pepper, which is very popular in the Mexican cuisine. The Jalapeño is a firm and shiny chili pepper. The most common Jalapeños are green or red, but there are also yellow, orange, purple and black varieties.

  • Scotch bonnet

Scotch Bonnet


Scotch Bonnet peppers are related to the Habanero pepper and are quite spicy. The shape looks like a Scottish hat, hence the name Scotch Bonnet. Scotch Bonnet is available in yellow and red.

Scotch Bonnet2023-01-24T13:15:30+01:00
  • Carolina reaper

Carolina Reaper®


This extremely spicy pepper has been awarded as one of the hottest pepper in the world! It is easy to recognize by its deep red colour and wrinkled skin. But beware, because it scores up to 2.000.000 on the Scoville scale, so no jokes...

Carolina Reaper®2023-01-24T11:11:32+01:00
  • Bird eye pepper

Bird eye pepper


This pepper may not be the largest of its kind, but it is certainly not the mildest. Other names for this pepper are Piri Piri, Rawit or Thai Chili. It is available in the colours red and green. In the Asian cuisine is it often used as a seasoning in countless dishes.

Bird eye pepper2023-01-24T13:30:21+01:00
  • Habanero Red

Habanero pepper


This spicy pepper is one of the hotter peppers. Habanero peppers can be red, yellow and orange coloured. They look a bit like a mini capsicums in shape, but it's better not to mix these two up ?

Habanero pepper2023-02-20T16:07:12+01:00
  • Fresh garlic

Fresh garlic


In addition to the dried varieties that are sometimes over 2 years old before they end up on your cutting board, there's also a fresh variety. The taste is a bit milder than the dried variety, which is great when used raw.

Fresh garlic2023-02-06T15:53:07+01:00
  • Sweet onion

Sweet onion


This sweet onion has a beautiful light yellow skin. As the name implies, these onions are less strong and slightly sweeter than other types of onions.

Sweet onion2023-02-06T15:50:20+01:00
  • Parsnips



Parsnip is a delicious, firm carrot. The taste of parsnip is a true delicacy. Intense, aromatic and sweet. Parsnip has a flavour which resembles a combination of fennel and carrot.

  • Cooked beets

Cooked beets


Beets are also called beetroot and are freshly sweet with a typical earthy taste. Peeling and cooking beets can be a time-consuming job. Fortunately, there is a solution for this: ready-to-eat beets.This way, a healthy dish is on the table in no-time!

Cooked beets2023-01-30T11:20:55+01:00
  • Little gem

Little Gem


Little gems are nice, small lettuce heads which are ready to use and they have a slightly sweet flavour. The nice thing about Little Gem is that you can also grill or steam the heads. When Little Gem is steamed, it tastes a bit like asparagus.

Little Gem2023-09-04T13:37:23+02:00
  • Karela 2



The look of this product is just as special as the number of (nick)names given to this vegetable: sopropo, balsam pear, bitter melon and paré. Karela tastes quite bitter and is comparable to zucchini.

  • Sweetcorn



Corn is because of the sweet cornels and multifunctionality a fantastic vegetable. Did you know that corn is not real a vegetable but a cereal? Sweetcorn is a delicious, sweet cereal variant.

  • Cookedcorn

Cooked corn


Preparing corn can take some time. That is why precooked corn is a handy solution. Precooked corn are packed by two and vacuum sealed. The corn is easy to prepare and have a really sweet flavour.

Cooked corn2023-01-09T16:39:00+01:00
  • Okra



Okra is a delicious, tropical vegetable. It has a nice, fresh, green colour and a spicy flavour which is perfect to add more flavour to dishes. A funny fact is that the English gave the nickname: Lady Fingers to okra because of the long shape of this vegetable.

  • Callico artisjok

Calico artichoke


These delicious, edible flower buds are a real delicacy! The Calico artichoke is a vegetable which is typical for the Mediterranean cuisine because of the exceptional soft and light, bitter flavour. Preparing artichokes takes some time and effort, but it's definitely worth it! The Calico artichoke is bigger and rounder than normal artichokes.

Calico artichoke2023-02-09T12:36:49+01:00
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