• Tarocco bloedsinaasappel

Tarocco blood orange


The Tarocco blood orange is a beautiful orange with delicious juicy sweet flesh inside which is slightly red-colored. They are practically seedless and the thin skin makes them easy to peel.

Tarocco blood orange2023-02-14T13:58:49+01:00
  • Kaffir lime leaves

Kaffir Lime Leaves


Kaffir Lime Leaves are the leaves of the... How surprising... Kaffir lime! These shiny, dark green leaves grow together in leaf pairs, with a larger and smaller leaf. The leaves are often very finely chopped and used in dishes or stewed and removed before eating.

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  • Rode-kiwi

Red kiwi


A kiwi, but slightly different. This kiwi has a surprise inside. When you cut the kiwi, a beautiful red heart appears, which gives this fruit a unique character. Like her green buddy, it's a real vitamin bomb and a delicious, sweet snack. The skin is slightly lighter and smoother and the taste has an exotic touch.

Red kiwi2023-03-14T13:26:46+01:00
  • Rulo banaan

Rulo banana


The Rulo banana is the little sister of the well-known plantain and cannot be eaten raw. The taste of the Rulo banana is nice and sweet and it is smaller and wider in shape compared to the plantain. Once the Rulo banana has been picked, it ripens fairly quickly and has a short shelf life.

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  • Pomster

Ambarella (Pomster)


Ambarella, Pomster, Kedondong or Tahiti apple, this fruit goes by many names and can be recognized by its spiky pit in the center. The ambarella can be eaten both ripe and unripe. When the ambarella is unripe, it is green, firm and has a sweet and sour taste. A great addition to curries. A ripe ambarella, has a golden yellow skin and the taste is nice and sweet. Delicious to eat out of hand.

Ambarella (Pomster)2022-07-14T14:55:46+02:00
  • Birambi

Blimbing (Birambi)


Blimbing is also called Birambi and is related to carambola. In contrast to carambola, this fruit is generally not eaten raw, but processed in dishes. They are cooked with sugar, candied or made into chutney, jam or syrup. The fruits are also added to rice and fish dishes. The taste and smell is quite sour.

Blimbing (Birambi)2022-07-14T15:47:24+02:00
  • Broodvrucht



The name of this special fruit is derived from its texture when cooked, which resembles freshly baked bread. However, the taste is more like a potato and it can also be used that way. For many Polynesians, breadfruit has been one of their main food sources for generations.

  • Hala fruit

Hala fruit


This fruit is sometimes described as an exploded planet or mutated pineapple. It is a large fruit that can grow up to 30 cm long, with hundreds of segments attached to each other by a core.

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  • Moerbeibessen

Dried mulberries


Dried mulberries are full of flavor which can be compared to raisins with a hint of honey. Because they are dried, they have a crunchy bite with a soft core.

Dried mulberries2023-05-23T14:43:13+02:00
  • SudNSol ananas

Marinated & grilled Sud’n’Sol pineapple


Sud'n'Sol marinated & grilled pineapple are delicious pieces of grilled and marinated pineapple with flavors of vanilla and thyme. Prepared from fresh pineapple, cut into pieces, grilled and then mixed with oils, vanilla and aromatic herbs.

Marinated & grilled Sud’n’Sol pineapple2022-06-13T10:25:59+02:00
  • Pomelo



The pomelo originated from a crossing of 'pompelmoes' and grapefruit. The fruit of the pomelo is a fairly large, round or pear-shaped citrus fruit with a smooth, thick, white-yellow skin. The taste is slightly bitter, but sweeter than that of the grapefruit. The flesh is sometimes white and sometimes red.

  • Longan



Longan is related to the well-known lychee and the slightly lesser-known rambutan. You can easily peel the fruits and eat them on the go. Longan is also often canned. In China, the seed coat is used fresh or dried in tea or water.

  • Clean Kiwi

Clean Kiwi


Clean kiwis are delicious, untreated, green kiwis full of flavor and vitamins. On the Clean Kiwi farm, Bernard Azam has been working hard for over 35 years to keep his beloved land...

Clean Kiwi2022-11-21T08:21:06+01:00
  • Cocktail avocado 2

Cocktail avocado


The avocado cocktail is a mini variety of the regular avocado and has creamy flesh and a nutty taste. Unlike regular avocados, the skin is edible and has no pit, which makes this avocado cocktail ideal for fancy snacks!

Cocktail avocado2023-02-09T12:30:26+01:00
  • Sharonfruit

Sharon fruit


Sharon fruit is a cheerful, orange fruit with sweet, juicy flesh and a fairly firm skin. It's a brother of kaki fruit, but flatter. However, you can only eat kaki fruit when the fruit is nicely ripened, but you don't have to wait for that with sharon fruit, they are always delicious! Sharon fruit also looks a bit like an orange tomato, but with a taste that resembles an apricot or mango.

Sharon fruit2022-08-23T09:37:30+02:00
  • Snowball melon

Snowball melon


The Snowball melon is a white melon with lime green stripes and dots. It has a delicious, sweet, honey-like taste with a hint of juicy pears and firm, snow-white flesh.

Snowball melon2021-10-01T11:15:07+02:00
  • Tree ripened mangos

Tree ripened mango


The mango has many varieties and is therefore available in many different flavors and shapes. Keith and Kent mangoes are the most famous. Most mangoes are picked unripe and are ripened at the destination, but there are also so-called tree-ripened mangoes. The growers take some more time prior to harvesting as these mangoes ripen in their natural environment on the tree. As a result these mango’s have the perfect smell, texture & taste. Besides that they are full of vitamins and other nutritions. In our opinion, these mangoes are the tastiest.

Tree ripened mango2023-04-21T07:39:39+02:00
  • Atemoya



This delicious heart-shaped fruit is a member of the anona family. A cross between a cherimoya and a sugar apple to be exact. The taste is a lot like cherimoya: creamy and sweet.

  • Sudachi

Sudachi lime


This small lime, originally from Japan, is related to the Yuzu and another citrus variety that is related to the Koji and Tachibana oranges and has a slightly spicier taste than a regular lime. The lime is originally from Japan, where it’s very popular and often used in traditional Japanese dishes. But also popsicles, sorbet and cocktails are often used in this delicious fruit.

Sudachi lime2022-08-04T07:45:47+02:00
  • Papaya Formosa

Green papaya


Green papaya is also known as cooking papaya. Cooking papayas are different than formosa papayas or golden papayas, which are usually eaten as fruit. This green papaya is the unripe fruit of the papaya tree and is used as a vegetable.

Green papaya2022-10-18T15:35:36+02:00
  • Yuzu



Yuzu is a citrus fruit with a bumpy skin, which contains an aromatic taste and thus gives beautiful accents to dishes. Compared to lemon, yuzu is less sharp. Yuzu is also used in Japan for bathing. The peel has a wonderful aroma and acidid heat claims to reduce the colds and relax the mind. This is called yuzuyu.

  • Mispels



The medlar is the name for both the fruit and the woody shrub on which the medlar grows. The twigs of the shrubs are often winding and the ironic French saying sounds: “as straight as an old medlar twig”. The fruit is full of vitamin C and is also good for digestion.

  • Papaya Formosa

Papaya Formosa


This large papaya variety can weigh up to 3 kilos. It has a strong skin and is yellow-green in colour. It has a solid skin and is yellow-green in color. The pulp is orange and, like other papayas, contains black inedible, round seeds. The fruit itself is soft and has a mildly sweet melon-like flavor.

Papaya Formosa2022-10-18T15:35:20+02:00
  • Loomi



Loomi is a small lime that is cooked in brine until rock hard. This gives them an intense citrus flavor, but with an earthy and smoky undertone. Loomi is a staple of Iranian cuisine. It is widely used by world-renowned chef Yotan Ottolenghi.

  • Banana cups

Banana cups


Banana cups are versatile cups made of dried banana leaves to present dishes or products in a fun way. The cups are made from the leaves of bananas. It is useful that you can also present moist products in it, such as mayonnaise or ketchup.

Banana cups2021-05-31T13:32:36+02:00
  • Chayote



Chayote is a green-skinned smooth pear-shaped fruit, about 7-10 cm in size. The pulp of chayote is greenish-white and the taste is a bit like a cucumber.

  • Lychees



Lychees have a red, firm skin. During ripening, the lychee changes color from pink-red to red-brown and when it is ripe, you can peel the fruit and a delicious, glassy white fruit appears with a seed in it. Lychees are juicy and deliciously sweet in taste.

  • Bananenbloem

Banana Flower


The banana flower is also called banana blossom. It is a purple button in the shape of a teardrop and is in fact a bunch of bananas in the beginning of the growing process. The dozens of florets in the flower eventually grow into bananas.

Banana Flower2021-05-31T13:34:24+02:00
  • Meyer citroen

Meyer lemon


A Meyer lemon is a cross between a lemon and a pomelo / mandarin hybrid. In appearance it resembles a regular lemon, but slightly rounder and the color is slightly more orange when ripe. A meyer lemon is sweeter and less acidic than a regular lemon.

Meyer lemon2022-09-29T12:55:53+02:00
  • Pequino



Pepquiño® is thename for a fruit. The slight sour cucumber flavour of Pepquiño makes it a perfect ingriedient for salads.

  • Guave rood



Guava is a beautiful spherical fruit that has a green or yellow skin. The pulp of the guava is white to dark pink red. Guava has a sweet and sour taste with its own aroma. The small seeds of the guava are edible.

  • Tamarillo



The tamarillo has a thin skin and is shaped like an egg. Another name for this special fruit is also called tree tomato. The tamarillo has a slightly sweet and quite intense flavour. The skin of the fruit is bitter and not eatable.

  • Mango Readylicious



The mango has many varieties and appears in many different flavours and shapes. The most famous mango’s are Keith and Kent mangoes. But Tommy Atkins, Palmer, Aya and Shelley are also delicious varieties. It takes a while till the unripe mango could be eaten. Fortunately, that is the reason why Bud Holland sells ready to eat mangoes! These Readylicious® mangoes are delicious right away. They are grown, transported and pampered according to the Ripe & Ready method.

  • Pitahaya

Red white pitahaya


This beautiful, scaly cactus fruit is one of the pitahaya brothers; also called “dragon fruit”. The inside of the pitahaya consist of white, slightly sweet and aromatic pulp. The seeds provide a tasty, crunchy texture.

Red white pitahaya2023-02-28T13:40:09+01:00
  • Pitahaya-red-red

Red pitahaya


This beautiful, scaly cactus fruit is one of the pitahaya brothers; also called “dragon fruit”. The inside of the pitahaya consist of red, slightly sweet and aromatic pulp. The seeds provide a tasty, crunchy texture.

Red pitahaya2023-02-28T13:58:42+01:00
  • Limequat



Lime we love it! This sour aromatic citrus fruit is wonderfully versatile and gives an instant tropical touch to any dish. Limes are therefore used worldwide! The fruit is round and green with sometimes a yellow `belly` and contains 9 fragrant segments.

  • Granadilla



This sweet and sour fruit belongs to the Passiflora family , like the passionfruit and the maracuja.

  • Rose apple

Rose apple


This bell shaped fruit has a pink-red skin and white-green flesh. Rose apples contain a lot of water and taste nice and fresh. The name is a bit confusing, because actually a rose apple has no connection with a rose or an apple, except that they smell a bit like roses.

Rose apple2023-01-10T11:12:28+01:00
  • Ugly fruit

Ugly fruit


Where the name ugli comes from is pretty clear. Ugli fruit does not look very appetizing with its green-yellow, wrinkled and crumpled skin. But "don't judge a book by its cover". The Jamaican citrus fruit is a incredibly flavourful, sweet citrus fruit. A combination of mandarin, grapefruit and orange.

Ugly fruit2023-01-09T15:46:53+01:00
  • Sweety



This citrus fruit looks a bit like a green grapefruit but is slightly larger and a lot sweeter. The Sweetie has a thick green-yellow skin and the flesh has a light yellow color. The taste is very sweet and owes it the name Sweetie.

  • Orri mandarine

Orri mandarin


Orri's are famous and very tasty mandarins (according to many even the best!), which originated from a selection of the very best mandarins. This makes Orris simply irresistible, with its delicious, juicy flesh and a sweet taste. Orri is virtually seedless and is a good variety to extend the season of easy-peelers.

Orri mandarin2023-03-09T09:24:18+01:00
  • Mandared



Mandared is a special citrus fruit with soft, sweet-sour and red-tinted flesh. The skin has a beautiful orange-red colour. The more the fruit ripens on the tree, the more the red glow emerges!

  • Limequat



A limequat is essentially a cross between a kumquat and a lime. You can eat this small, green citrus fruit with the skin and all and the taste is just like you are used to from a regular lime: sour and a bit bitter.

  • kumquats



Kumquats are small citrus fruits that can be eaten in whole even the skin! The taste of the skin is sweet, slightly bitter and is delicious in combination with the sour pulp. Cut them into slices for a salad or eat them as a healthy snack.

  • Kaffir lime

Kaffir lime


The kaffir lime is all about the zest. This particular wrinkled peel is used for its intense aroma. Not surprisingly is that this wonderful scent is often used in perfumes! But as a flavor to spice your dinner up it is also a beautiful product. You can grate the skin and use it in curries and bumbu, for example.

Kaffir lime2023-02-09T10:22:06+01:00
  • Grapefruit



Grapefruit is a cross between a grapefruit and an pomelo. For those who appreciate a bit of bitterness, the grapefruit is a delicious piece of fruit. The citrus fruit has a yellow to orange-coloured skin with a pink blush and the flesh is red, pink or white.

  • etrog



This gigantic lemon is very special! Etrog lemons are sometimes 5 times larger than normal lemons. The distinctive thick skin is yellow and fragrant with a thick white mesocarp underneath and the flesh is light green. Etrog plays an important ritual role in the Jewish feast of tabernacles.

  • Choco sinaasappel

Choco orange


A chocolate orange? Yes… But don't expect a chocolate flavour. This special and delicious orange owns its name to its dark colour. The skin of this orange is more brown than a normal orange. It is a delicious navel orange with a very sweet taste and wonderfully juicy.

Choco orange2023-02-15T12:39:55+01:00
  • Cara cara sinaasappel

Cara cara orange


The cara cara orange is in first instance like a normal orange fruit. But when you cut the fruit in halve a delighted, soft pink colour appears. The orange is sweet and taste more complex than a normal orange.

Cara cara orange2023-01-09T15:41:50+01:00
  • Buddha hand

Buddha hand


Buddha hand (also called Buddha fingers) is a special name for a special looking fruit. A kind of lemon 'gone wild'. It has a sweet, lemony aroma and no juice or pulp. The mild-tasting white part of the Buddha hand is not bitter, unlike most citrus fruits.

Buddha hand2023-01-10T11:15:00+01:00
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