• Shimeji

Shimeji brown & white


Shimeji is also called beech fungus or bunch fungus. Shimeji is available in white and brown. The brown and white mushroom are similar in taste, but have a slightly different structure. This is because the white variety was grown in the dark.

Shimeji brown & white2023-11-23T07:41:24+01:00
  • shiitake



Until recently, this Japanese mushroom only grew on fallen tree trunks in the forests of Japan, but nowadays they are cultivated. The shiitake is a delicious mushroom with a thin stem and a flat head. The taste is very rich, you can taste hints of chestnut and garlic. The texture is creamy and fleshy.

  • King Oyster

King Oyster


The King Oyster mushroom is also known as “Eryngii” and is the largest of all oyster mushrooms. The stem of this mushroom is, unlike many other mushrooms,  fleshy and tasty. There is also a mini version of the King Oyster that is just as tasty, but slightly smaller.

King Oyster2023-11-23T07:41:52+01:00
  • Halloween pompoen

Pumpkin ‘Jack o’lantern’ (Halloween)


The pumpkin 'Jack o'lantern' is a medium-sized, round pumpkin with a beautiful deep orange color. This pumpkin is used as the Halloween pumpkin. By hollowing out the pumpkin and carve out a scary face with a sharp knife, you can easily create the perfect lantern for on your doorstep. A must have for the annual traditional Halloween party!

Pumpkin ‘Jack o’lantern’ (Halloween)2023-10-26T14:08:57+02:00
  • Weidekringzwam mousseron

Fairy Ring Mushroom


The fairy ring mushroom is small in size, but big in taste. The umbrella-shaped caps of the fairy ring mushroom have a beautiful yellow-brown color, strong aroma and are packed with flavor.

Fairy Ring Mushroom2023-09-26T12:49:32+02:00

Zapallo Loche pompoen


Zapallo Loche pumpkin is a delicious variety from Peru, prized for its creamy texture and sweet, nutty flavor. The term "Zapallo" is the Spanish name for pumpkin, and "Loche" refers to the specific variety of this pumpkin. Their unique appearance and flavorful flesh make them a popular choice in diverse cuisines, where they enrich a wide variety of dishes. Zapallo pumpkins are generally smaller than traditional pumpkins and have a distinctive elongated shape. They vary in color from light green to deep dark green and have a glossy skin. Beneath this smooth skin is soft, orange and juicy flesh.

Zapallo Loche pompoen2023-07-24T09:49:06+02:00
  • Mini prei

Mini leek


Mini leek belongs to the garlic family and has the same looks as its bigger brother, but is slightly softer and sweeter in flavor. With its white stems and green bract, the mini leek is very suitable to use in its entirety in a dish. Great in taste with a decorative look!

Mini leek2023-05-22T13:03:20+02:00
  • Waterkers



Watercress is a young plant which, as the name suggests, grows in water. The fresh green leaves and crispy stems have a nice peppery taste, which is comparable to the taste of radish and rocket salad.

  • Cauliflower mushroom

Cauliflower mushroom


With its rugged, unique appearance, this mushroom is a real eye-catcher. The cauliflower mushroom can be recognized by its wild shape and spongy appearance. Cauliflower mushrooms have a soft texture with a strong, spicy aroma and a delicious, earthy and nutty taste. It's a true delicacy!

Cauliflower mushroom2023-05-16T11:51:59+02:00
  • Maitake

Maitake (Hen-of-the-wood))


Maitake, also known as Hen of the woods, is a mushroom with a wild shape and that is usually gray-brownish in color. The name Maitake comes originally from Japan and literally means 'dancing mushroom' which is reflected in its beautiful and unique shape. They have a delicious aromatic taste and fresh scent and are very popular in Japanese cuisine.

Maitake (Hen-of-the-wood))2023-11-23T07:39:30+01:00
  • Golden enoki

Enoki gold


The Enoki Gold is a Japanese mushroom variety with a characteristic look and sweet, fruity taste. This mushroom owes its name to the beautiful brown golden color. They grow as clusters in the wild and can be found in the mountain areas, often near the snow line. Like the white variety, this mushroom has long, thin stems with small caps at the end.

Enoki gold2023-04-24T10:18:32+02:00
  • Enoki los



Enoki mushrooms have a clear white color with a remarkable look. They can be recognized by their long, thin stems with small caps that grow in clusters. The stems are crunchy with a slightly fruity taste and the caps feel velvety soft. Because of its unique look and fruity taste they are a delicious ingredient to many dishes.

  • Mini patty pan groen en geel

Mini patty pan


Mini patty pan can be recognized by its flat shape with scalloped edges. This mini variety is a member of the cucumber family and is a fruit which is used as a vegetable. The neutral taste makes the mini patty pan a true friend to all and its unique appearance with cheerful color makes it a real eye-catcher on your plate.

Mini patty pan2023-04-24T10:24:59+02:00
  • Romanesco oranje

Orange romanesco


In addition to the well-known green romanesco, there is also a beautiful orange variety. This orange-colored type of cabbage has a wonderfully soft taste and is sometimes referred to as turret cauliflower because of all the small, beautiful 'turrets'. The orange color has everything to do with the presence of carotene in the soil.

Orange romanesco2023-02-23T09:53:11+01:00
  • Witte Romanesco

White romanesco


In addition to the well-known green romanesco, there is also a beautiful white variant. This white-colored cabbage variety has a wonderfully soft taste and has received the nickname "tower cauliflower" because of all the small, beautiful towers.

White romanesco2023-02-07T21:30:22+01:00
  • SudNSol Basilicumpesto

Sud’n’Sol Basil pesto


Basil pesto is a tasty sauce made from fresh basil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and garlic. These ingredients are blended with rich oils and aromatic herbs for pure and authentic flavors.

Sud’n’Sol Basil pesto2022-11-10T09:38:04+01:00
  • Mini Indian Corn

Mini Indian corn


Mini Indian Corn, also called flint corn because of the hard shell, is a decorative corn cob and has a striking appearance due to its many beautiful different colors. The Mini Indian Corn is not edible and is only used for decoration. During autumn you see the Mini Indian Corn popping up more and more and it is widely used to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

Mini Indian corn2022-11-21T14:27:18+01:00
  • Indian Corn

Indian Corn


Indian Corn, also called flint corn because of the hard shell, is a decorative corn cob and has a striking appearance due to its many beautiful different colors. The Indian Corn is not edible and is only used for decoration. During autumn you see the Indian Corn popping up more and more and it is widely used to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

Indian Corn2022-11-21T14:32:57+01:00
  • Mini pompoen Jack be Little

Mini pumpkin ‘Jack be little’


The pumpkin 'Jack be little' is, as the name suggests, a small pumpkin and is about the size of a fist. It is the smaller version of the classic Halloween pumpkin, has a beautiful deep orange color and is full of flavor. Thanks to their small size, these pumpkins are very remarkable and very tasty to fill or roast in its entirety.

Mini pumpkin ‘Jack be little’2022-09-15T16:02:08+02:00
  • Sierpompoen

Ornamental pumpkins


Ornamental pumpkins (or ornamental fruit or ornamental gourds) is a plant species that comes from the cucumber family and, as the name suggests, is not edible. Of course they are very nice as decoration in the house or at the front door. In the fall you see them popping up everywhere and they are also widely used as decoration for the Halloween party. The ornamental pumpkins are available in many different shapes, colors and sizes.

Ornamental pumpkins2022-09-15T13:21:03+02:00
  • Poblano

Poblano pepper


This chilli originates from Mexico and has a delicious subtly spicy taste, making it good to use in all kinds of dishes. The appearance of the Poblano pepper is somewhat like a mini bell pepper, but then spicy. The Poblano pepper owes its name to the area where they originally come from, Puebla Mexico. In Mexican cuisine, this is an important ingredient for the traditional mole sauce.

Poblano pepper2022-08-25T12:40:06+02:00
  • Koreaanse radijs

Korean radish


Korean radish is crunchy, juicy and sweet. The taste is similar to that of daikon. Korean radishes are generally short and firm, with a light green-yellow tint halfway up the top. They are often diced and pickled or made into a twist on traditional kimchi.

Korean radish2023-09-07T11:25:52+02:00
  • Ginseng



Ginseng has been known in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries for its health benefits and medicinal properties. Ginseng is a precious root. Cultivation requires a lot of expertise and patience. Ginseng only grows on a certain type of humus-rich soil and must be grown in the shade.

  • Verse gember

Fresh ginger


This fresh ginger is grown in the Netherlands. The fact that it's not dried, like regular ginger, makes it quite special. Besides its great look, this ginger is juicier and very tasteful. By leaving a piece of the stem attached, it will stay fresh longer. The stems give a lot of flavor to soups and sauces.

Fresh ginger2023-08-29T09:46:41+02:00
  • Coco de Paimpol

Haricot Coco de Paimpol


Haricot Coco de Paimpol is a white bean variety with a refined taste that is very popular among chefs. This striking bean is named after the beautiful coastal region of Paimpol in France, where these beans are grown in a defined area. What is special is that these beans are still harvested by hand, while most beans are harvested mechanically. The Haricot Coco de Paimpol beans have a protected indication of origin (PDO).

Haricot Coco de Paimpol2022-07-22T09:07:49+02:00
  • Tindoro Parval

Pointed gourd (Parwal)


The pointed gourd, also called parwal, comes from the same family as the cucumber. This vegetable is often confused with tindola, as they are very similar in shape and size. The pointed gourd has a smooth green skin on the outside with, in most cases, white stripes. On the inside, the pointed gourd has large round pips. The size can vary from small and round to thick and long. Unlike cucumbers, the pointed gourd is not eaten raw.

Pointed gourd (Parwal)2022-07-14T15:57:00+02:00
  • Teroi

Ridge gourd (Teroi)


Ridge gourd (Teroi) comes from the cucumber family and has a neutral, slightly sweet taste. The taste is somewhere in between that of cucumber and zucchini. This exotic vegetable is also very similar in appearance to the cucumber. The young ridge gourd has a green, distinctive grooved skin with longitudinally pointed ridges. When the ridge cucumber becomes ripe, it develops a yellow skin, the taste becomes bitter and can no longer be eaten.

Ridge gourd (Teroi)2023-11-30T12:28:16+01:00
  • Snake Gourd

Snake gourd


The snake gourd owes its name to its striking appearance. Due to its long, thin, curled shape, this characteristic pumpkin resembles a snake. The snake gourd is eaten as a young fruit and is a beloved ingredient of chefs because of its mild taste. As the snake gourd ripens, the flesh changes color and has a bitter taste, making it unappetizing to eat.

Snake gourd2022-07-14T15:14:06+02:00
  • Nenwa 500px

Sponge gourd (Nenwa)


Sponge gourd (Nenwa) is a tropical family member of the cucumber family and, like its well-known brother, has a cylindrical elongated shape. This young, soft vegetable has a slightly sweet taste. Sponge gourd has a firm skin and is spongy inside. The Sponge gourd is also called Nenwa cucumber or loofah.

Sponge gourd (Nenwa)2023-11-30T13:05:39+01:00

Tindola (Tindora)


Tindola originates from the same family as cucumbers and has many similarities in appearance. Smooth green skin on the outside and small seeds on the inside. This vegetable is a lot smaller than its well-known relative and is therefore also called a mini cucumber. Unlike (mini) cucumbers, the tindola is not eaten raw. Tindola tastes a little sour when eaten raw, but otherwise they are quite neutral.

Tindola (Tindora)2023-11-30T13:05:51+01:00
  • Lauki

Bottle gourd (Lauki)


Bottle gourd, also called Lauki, can be encountered in different forms. They can be round, pear-shaped or bottle-shaped, but usually the lauki has a curved shape, just like the well-known cucumber. Bottle gourd is a young fruit with a smooth, green skin on the outside and deliciously juicy, white-greenish flesh on the inside, just like the zucchini. It will therefore not surprise you that this special fruit is related to the cucumber, zucchini and melon. Bottle gourd can be boiled and stewed and served as a vegetable.

Bottle gourd (Lauki)2023-11-30T09:26:43+01:00
  • Drumsticks

Moringa beans (Drumsticks)


No, not the drumsticks you eat with your Friday afternoon drinks! These drumsticks are the fruit of the moringa tree, which is often referred to as the miracle tree. Almost all parts of the moringa are useful and very nutritious. The beans, seeds, roots, flowers and leaves can be eaten and the juice and oil used for medicines and dyes. The tree is therefore increasingly used to fight hunger in developing countries.

Moringa beans (Drumsticks)2022-07-14T15:47:42+02:00
  • Erwt aubergine

Pea eggplant


No, this is not a bunch of grapes! And not a bunch of peas either. These are very small eggplants. The taste is quite bitter and they can be eaten raw, but they are usually used in curries. It is a popular product in Thai, Lao and Indian cuisines.

Pea eggplant2022-08-02T11:36:24+02:00
  • Naga jolokia los

Naga Jolokia


The Naga Jolokia, also known as the Ghost pepper or Bhut Jolokia, ranks as one of the hottest peppers in the world on the Scoville scale. The pepper is believed to come from Nagaland, a state of India, and is named after a venomous snake from the region.

Naga Jolokia2022-08-18T13:33:56+02:00



These young, light green stems have a crunchy texture and a nice fresh taste. Celery can be eaten raw, but is also often used in soup and sauce. Heating celery makes it softer in taste and structure.

  • SudNSol Bruschetta van gegrilde groente

Sud’n’Sol Bruschetta of grilled and marinated vegetables


The vegetable Sud'n'Sol Bruschetta is a delicious concassé of semi-dried tomatoes, zucchinis, yellow peppers and grilled eggplants with Mediterranean flavours. Prepared from fresh, semi-dried or grilled vegetables, crushed and then mixed with oils and aromatic herbs.

Sud’n’Sol Bruschetta of grilled and marinated vegetables2022-06-13T10:25:44+02:00
  • SudNsol tomatade

Sud’n’Sol Tomatade


Sud'n'Sol Tomatade is a tasty preparation made from semi-dried tomatoes with Mediterranean flavors. Prepared from fresh tomatoes, candied, then mixed with oils and aromatic herbs. Delicious to use as a spread on a piece of crusty baguette or toast, or as a base for a pasta or soup.

Sud’n’Sol Tomatade2022-06-13T10:25:51+02:00
  • SudNSol champignons

Marinated & grilled Sud’n’Sol mushrooms


Sud'n'Sol grilled mushrooms are delicious slices of grilled mushrooms with Mediterranean flavors. Prepared from fresh mushrooms, cut into strips, grilled and then mixed with oils and aromatic herbs.

Marinated & grilled Sud’n’Sol mushrooms2022-06-13T10:25:54+02:00
  • SudNSol courgettes

Marinated & grilled Sud’n’Sol zucchinis


Sud'n'Sol grilled zucchinis are delicious slices of grilled zucchinis with Mediterranean flavors. Prepared from fresh zucchinis , cut into strips, grilled and then mixed with oils and aromatic herbs.

Marinated & grilled Sud’n’Sol zucchinis2022-06-13T10:25:57+02:00
  • SudNSol aubergine

Marinated & grilled Sud’n’Sol eggplant


Sud'n'Sol grilled eggplants are delicious slices of grilled eggplants with Mediterranean flavors. Prepared from fresh eggplants, cut into strips, grilled and then mixed with oils and aromatic herbs.

Marinated & grilled Sud’n’Sol eggplant2022-04-15T10:21:17+02:00
  • SudNSol paprika

Sun dried & marinated Sud’n’ Sol peppers


Sud'n'Sol peppers are delicious slices of grilled red and yellow bell peppers, marinated with Mediterranean flavors. Prepared from fresh bell peppers, cut into strips, grilled and mixed with oils and aromatic herbs.

Sun dried & marinated Sud’n’ Sol peppers2022-06-13T10:26:18+02:00
  • Witpunt rainbow radijs

White tip rainbow radish


The white tip radish is an oval-shaped, crunchy and spicy root. The taste is peppery and the structure is firm and juicy. The radish is called white tip because the root which changes color from red-pink to white.

White tip rainbow radish2022-01-28T09:21:11+01:00
  • Elephant garlic

Elephant garlic


As the name suggests, elephant garlic is an oversized garlic variety. The taste is slightly less sharp than the original. Funny detail: elephant garlic is more related to leek than garlic.

Elephant garlic2022-06-13T11:15:14+02:00
  • Black onions

Black onion


Meet black garlic's sister, black onion. For this, yellow onions are placed in ovens for weeks. The result is a black, fermented onion bursting with healthy properties. Unique and soft in taste, creamy in texture. The taste is best described as: subtle hints of soy, balsamic and raisins. This makes black onion a delicious delicacy.

Black onion2022-06-28T11:02:11+02:00
  • Steamed Sweet Potato

Steamed sweet potato


This halved sweet potato is steamed and vacuum packed, preserving all vitamins, nutritional values and flavour. They only need 2 minutes in the microwave or 10 minutes in the oven.

Steamed sweet potato2022-01-28T08:25:37+01:00
  • Rainbow radish

Rainbow radish


A feast for the eye and for the mouth, these rainbow radishes. Pink, white and purple, perfectly round radishes with velvety, green leaves. The white variety is slightly spicier than the red and purple variety. Did you know that you can also finely chop the radish leaves and use them in a salad?

Rainbow radish2021-08-24T07:26:43+02:00
  • Mini Eggplant

Mini eggplant


Mini eggplant may be small in size, but they're big in flavour! There is a purple variety, a purple-white striped variety (graffiti) and a green variety (Thai Green Tomato). Mini eggplants are great to fill with, for example, minced meat or vegetables.

Mini eggplant2021-10-01T11:16:09+02:00
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