Overloaded Pokébowl


This overloaded poke bowl is easy and quick to prepare and is bursting with flavour. A nutritious and colourful dish for a sunny day. Fresh, sweet and tasty! Delicious!

Mango Tango Tuna


A feast on your plate! With this recipe for tuna tartare with mango, avocado, and wakame, you'll create a delicious and flavourful dish. Thanks to the refined flavors and a crispy topping, you serve a culinary work of art on the table.

Ataulfo Granita


Ataulfo ​​Granita with mint and coconut is refreshingly delicious! The sweet taste of the Ataulfo ​​mango with mint and coconut provides a surprising flavour combination you can't get enough of.

Pina Guanabana

Piña Guanabana


A fresh, tropical treat for the summer days! Icecream made of guanabana, pineapple and lime, presentated in a tropical coat. It looks fantastic, but the taste is even better!

Tropical tartelettes


A work of art to die for! These tropical tartelettes are full of surprising and rich flavours due to the combination coconut, mint and lime. Fresh and fruity!

Cocktail Leaves en Lime

Cocktail Leaves & Lime


A delicious fresh cocktail with a spicy twist due to the taste of Shiso Leaves and Kaffir Lime Leaves. A fantastic combination that will make you longer for more!


Ceviche Colorado!


Discover the taste of Peru with this traditional dish! Ceviche is a popular dish in Peru and we completely agree with that. The magic is in preparing the raw fish. The lemon juice gives the fish a unique texture and taste and by combining this with onion, chili peppers and coriander it really becomes a culinary feast for all the senses! Delicious, refreshing and perfect for a light meal.

Tindola met Moringa pesto

Roasted Tindola with Moringa Pesto


Discover this special dish with exotic twist; roasted tindola served with a delicious moringa pesto! The crispy texture of this roasted tindola combined with the spicy moringa pesto is the perfect recipe to explore the Dominican cuisine. An unique culinary experience!

DIY Chocolade

DIY Chocolate


Chocolate like you've never tasted before! With this recipe you can make this delicious chocolate from fresh cacao in a few simple steps.

Rujak Bud

Rujak Buah Bud


Put something special on the table: a delicious fresh salad with cheerful colors! Its the perfect mix of sweet, sour and spicy inspired by the culinary Indonesian cuisine, a treat for your taste buds!


Breadfruit fries with Avocado-Lime Dip


Breadfruit fries are full of taste with a nice exotic touch! The creamy texture of the avocado combined with the fresh lime juice, coriander and garlic makes this dip the perfect addition to the crispy fries. Enjoy!


Picosita 2.0


Picosita 2.0 is your ultimate hangover cure and the perfect way to kickstart those first days of 2024! This savory cocktail from Guatemala is here to rescue you from your New Years festivities and promises to banish those post-celebration blues. This Picosita 2.0 has a twist: we have added crispy sugar snaps for an extra bite and vitamins! Cheers!

Fig Spritz

Winter Fig Spritz


This frosty cocktail is a mix of fresh figs, a hint of aromatic rosemary, and a generous pour of gin. It's the kind of drink that makes New Years Eve even more festive!

Kissabel cups

Kissabel® cups


Velvety soft foam, made with full-fat yoghurt, icing sugar and whipped cream; combined with crispy Kissabel® apple, a delicious Kissabel® saffron jam and oat crunch.

Chantenay taartjes

Chantenay and goat’s cheese tarts


A sweet & savory appetizer that combines the earthy sweetness of Chantenay carrots with the creamy tang of goat cheese, all nestled in a crispy pastry crust. A quick, easy, and elegant treat for the Holidays, or just any other occasion.

Bergamot iced tea

Bergamot iced tea


Refreshing iced tea with a herbal note! This simple, yet flavorful iced tea balances the citrusy notes of bergamot with the earthy flavor of rosemary and the subtle sweetness of honey. The addition of cinnamon gives a warm twist to this thirst-quenching creation. Easy to prepare and perfect for any occasion.




Limoncello, loved for its fresh lemon flavor! This Italian liqueur is traditionally made with lemons, but we make it a little bit different. As the main ingredient we use Buddha hands, a special looking fruit with a delicious sweet and lemony taste. An ice-cold treat!

Tropical Blizz

Tropical Bliss


Tropical Bliss is a wonderful exotic drink which gives your party that little extra! The combination of maracuja, pineapple, blueberries and coconut provides a nice tropical base and the lime wraps everything together with its fresh tangy taste. You won't get enough of this one!

Edamame yuzu boontjes

Edamame and yuzu-soy


Taste the authentic taste of Japan with these edamame beans and yuzu-soy! This simple dish is fresh and crunchy, with a citrusy twist thanks to the yuzu. A delicious exotic side dish or snack!

BBQ pompoen

BBQ pumpkin


This pumpkin is filled with a savory mixture of blue cheese, thyme and spinach and grilled on the barbecue, a fantastic flavor combination of sweet and savory!


Creamy Saffron risotto


Creamy saffron risotto with shiitake, black garlic and grated Parmesan cheese. A fantastic dish, beautiful in color with a rich taste and a heavenly smell!

Umami spread

Umami Spread!


Step out of your comfort zone and try this surprising umami spread! A delicious spread due to the combination of shiitake and black garlic with fresh green chives as garnish. Super tasty and perfect on bread, toast or crackers!


Pumpkin lasagne with Mexican twist and tomatillo avocado salsa


The 29th of July it's World Lasagne Day! Celebrate this delicious occasion with a tasty twist - our mouthwatering Pumpkin Lasagne with a Mexican kick and Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa! Say goodbye to the traditional lasagne! Our recipe combines savory pumpkin, creamy cheese, and spicy tomatillo-avocado salsa.

Chayote Tostada

Chayote tostada’s with mangosalsa


With this cheerful, tropical dish you immediately turn your table into a culinary party. Chayote combined with pulled chicken and a delicious fresh-sweet mango salsa on top, maked this tostade your new favorite. Delicious!

Exotic cheesecake with kaki


This colorful cheesecake with kaki immediately grabs your attention! The surprising taste combination of kaki, coconut and mascarpone makes it a real culinary feast. Fresh and fruity, just irresistibly delicious!

Kumquat Fizz verkleind

Kumquat Fizz


Kumquat Fizz is a deliciously fresh drink with a hint of spice. Kumquats play the leading role in this cocktail. These delicious, small orange citrus fruits can be eaten whole and have a surprising sweet-sour taste.

Tamarinde cocktail 1000px



A margarita but just a little different. By adding tamarind syrup, this drink gets a surprising sweet and sour taste.

Stuffed dates


Dates wrapped in raw ham and filled with soft blue cheese and pistachio nuts, a delicious snack full of flavour. Success guaranteed!

Sweet potato crostini


Sweet potato crostini with a topping of feta and yogurt and a delicious garnish of fresh figs and pomegranate seeds. A festive snack with a nice taste balance between sweet and savory.

Mimosa 2 verkleind

Cranberry & Ginger Mimosa


It's time for a delicious Cranberry & Ginger Mimosa. The slightly sour taste of the cranberries combined with the spiciness of the ginger give this drink character. The sparkling wine gives this drink a festive feel. A guaranteed success!

Myoga Sushi verkleind

Myoga sushi


Delicious sushi with myoga and finger limes and daikon cress as a garnish, a fantastic bite and taste experience!

Pavlova figs


Pavlova with figs is a nice combination of sweet and savory. It is a feast for the eye and a treat for the taste buds.




We're having trouble saying goodbye to summer. That is why we just pretend it is summer at the office. Heating up the temperature, wearing sunglasses and this tropical cocktail will complete your summer setting. We will be putting autumn on hold for a while ...

Jackfruit fritters

Jackfruit & coconut fritters


Peeling such an enormous jackfruit is simply not easy. We know all about that. Fortunately, we have peeled jackfruit in our range! The heavy work has already been done and the result comes in a handy package of 200 grams. This makes making these jackfruit & coconut fritters a piece of cake!

Ponthier fruit cake

Ponthier fruitmousse cake


This velvety and fruity cake is made by Judith. Sophia Loren once said: 'Good food is a celebration of life'. Judith completely agrees. Celebrate life with this delicious Ponthier fruit mousse cake!

Spring rolls

Colorful spring rolls


In Vietnam you can buy them on every street corner, these versatile packages stuffed with colorful ingredients. We are talking about spring rolls. They are made from rice sheets that you can stuff up with whatever you feel like!

Spiced Goa

Spiced Goa


This cocktail is based on the exotic freshness of pineapple and the heat of cardamom, accentuated by yuzu.

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